help!will this system fine to run smoothly?

SAMSUNG 931BW 19' LCD(1440 x 900)MAX

1)So the ram can use on the motherboard?
2)Will the PSU support 2 graphic with CERT SLI
3)Need any changer?
4)Plaining brought at september
5)Need suggestion from u guys^^help me with my build(FOR GAMING AND SURFING)
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  1. Yes, all will work together, but the power supply may be bad. I realize you have availability problems.

    Let me check.
  2. If it's all you can get it will work. It will not run two 4850s very well though.

    Other brands to look for:

    Hiper (880 M series, may be too much for you.)
    Corsair (750TX if you can)
    PC Power & Cooling (610 is very good)

    Try to spend more on a power supply. There are good deals, yes, but in general you should pay a bit more for quality power. Protect your investment.

    Post other PSU choices you find.
  3. Read this review about the Huntkey 450w and then get another brand of power supply
  4. Thanks Dirt, tried to get back to this one but the forums asploaded ;)
  5. Ohh!!so got other brand and cheap at price?
  6. One of the brands I listed if you can... and not too cheap. At least 550W please. At least 34 amps on the 12V rail or two 20A rails.
  7. It will run and you should be fine. Getting a better power supply from a more reliable company is always good.

    Endermax, pc powering and cooling, corsair (the single 12v rail variety), coolmaster (depending on the model), and some most antec power supplies are all good and priced well.
  8. i will looking forward to change the PSU
    how about my proccesor?6mb better or 12mb better and the purpose of cache is for what?^^
  9. and will it help on my gaming?
  10. Well, I don't know what you are using now.

    Playing today's games you are better off with a dual core like the E8500, although some games make use of quad core now.

    More games will use quad cores in the future. You could save some money and get a dual core for now, change if you need to later.

    You can also change you RAM. You do not need 1066. You will be fine with 800Mhz (PC6400). And you should get 4 gigs.

    I'm not going to try to explain CPU cache... even if I happened to get it right you likely wouldn't understand it. It helps to move data through the CPU, sure more is better. For your needs a GOOD graphics card is far more important.

    Less on the RAM, less on the CPU, more on the monitor will get you a better gaming experience.

    A 4850 will run a 22" monitor just fine.
  11. I'll explain the cpu cache then.

    Your processor process all the mathematical data through your computer (the exception being graphical and if you have a sound card; audio). It can only hold so much information within itself at once. This is its cache. The rest it stores in your RAM for safe keeping, and then if that fills up it stores it in the paging files of your hardrive. As information passes through your processor it moves from the paging files, to the memory, to the cpu cache, because the cpu cache is the fastest type of memory in your computer. Memory comes in second, and paging file third. The more "powefull" the processor is, more often times then not the larger cache it has. Larger caches and more cores allow your computer to handle more information at once, great for complex programs and multitasking. Get it?
  12. Thank you to Proximon and E3210 for the help and explaination.U guys such a great help.
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