GeForce 8800GT / Samsung LN26A330 quality problem

I have recently bought a new computer with a PNY NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT 512MB and I'm trying to connect it to my Samsung LN26A330 but I am having some quality issues with blotchy looking words and thick black boarders that I cant seem to get rid of. I would like to know how I can set my tv and graphics card so I can get the best picture quality. I also currently have a Component to S-Video cable and a VGA to DMI cable to connect the tv and card. Is this enough or do I need to shell out +$100 for a DVI to HDTV cable?
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  1. An s video cable is the worst quality way to hook it up. An dvi to hdmi wont work either. I bought a Samsung tv and wanted to hook up my new computer that had the Nvidia graphics card and went through what you are. What I found best after being on the phone with Dell for 2 hours a day for a month strait was that the "VGA" hook up is by far the best quality for what your trying to do. To adjust the resalution of the video card just go to it in your computer and it has many options for you to try to get the best picture.
  2. Samsung LN26A330 is a 720P(1366 x 768) resolution display. Thats the native display resolution of your display and thats the best result you can get from it.
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