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Ok all, I'm looking for some input. Currently I have two machines, a P4C on an Abit IC-7G with Gigabit Lan built in and an older AMD XP1900+ with a D-Link Lan card in it.
I have cable broadband but only the P4 is connected. What I want to do is get a router that has a built in firewall and print server so that both can access the net or each other.
What would be a good choice in this catagory, I don't have any experience here. My biggest concern is not loosing the fast broadband to the P4 (my gaming machine).
Any and all feedback is appreciated.

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  1. every router will do what you ask except for the print server. only a couple have a print server. cs game server -
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  2. To be honest with you I'd just dump the print server and just setup some shares on the "non-gaming" machine since you don't want to slow down the speed of it.. It'll save you at least $50-75. I really don't know of a router right now that doesn't have a built-in firewall with it so you're set there. A lot of people like linksys and d-link, for the home I prefer linksys.
  3. I have a d-link di-704p which has a print server included. Works ok, but the connection to the printer is only through a parallel port, and sometimes if you have heavy traffic going through the router it slows the printing process. Another small problem is that you loose the hability to see the status of your printer.

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