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I was having some issues with my computer and I loaded an anti-virus software package that was offered for free from my Cable Monopoly provider. It shot my system processes up from 19 to 47 (Ive seen it as high as 52). Anyway, after i did a virus and spyware scan, it seems like everything is normal now. I do get messages that someone is trying to remote access my system but the anti-virus software's firewall stopped it. I noticed that my games have gotten slightly choppy and I cant even begin how bad FSX is running (about 9 (FPS). WOuld you chalk this up as the ani-virus software (47 processes) is causing FSX to bottleneck? Can I safely uninstall the anti-virus software to regain my low systems processes. Will Window's firewall be good enough? I do have Adware installed and do a scans everyday.

I am running a E6300, x1900xtx, SB XFI-XM edition and Windows XP Service Pack 3

I was also looking to upgrade my system because I got the itch to and Im thinking it will be a while before Nehalem will be mainstreamed and affordable. I was thinking of going to either an E8600 or Q9550 (many say go to Quad since I have FSX) paired with a 4870, 4870x2, or a 4850x2 and a XFI Fatality/Titanium (the one that's encased in the black mesh) sound card. I was also looking at Logitech speakers (5500, 2300, or 540). I was also going to get a full tower with a pull out motherboard tray, new PSU, and of course Vista.
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  1. It's probably not just your anti-virus stuff. Obviously you NEED some software running.

    First, remove all the trash from your system you don't need. Then defrag. Then run a full, thorough scan with your present anti-virus software. Even if you just did one the other day. IF that gives you a clean bill of health now, remove the heavy program and download a free lighter scanner like AVG or AVAST and use that.

    You asked :)
  2. Thanx :)
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