Array Roaming with a 3ware card

Hello, I am new to Tom's but I thank you in advance for your help.

I am running a 9650SE-16ml and currently I have a 6x750mg raid 10 array. producing a little over 2 tb of usable space which is of course almost full. I also have another raid 10 array running off the mother board which is currently being used as the system drive.

It is time for a system drive reformat, and I am planning on moving from vista --> windows 7 in the process.

With that background, my question is: Can I wipe the system drive and install windows 7, AND have windows 7 reccognise my existing 3ware raid array with all of its data, or does a system drive reformat require a resetup of the hardware raid array?

Should/can I pull the drives off the mother board raid and put them on the 3ware card in thier own raid 10?

I guess that is two questions.... Thanks

newbie Rob
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  1. I know you can switch controllers without reformatting, but I'm not sure if the reverse is possible or feasible.
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