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hey everyone, quick question i have 2x 9800GT in my system and was wondering if i can use the card (primary) in bus slot 1 for my monitor and the 2nd 9800GT (secondary) in bus slot 2 to run my hdtv? i have disabled sli because you cant have multiple display with sli on, each card has 2x dvi and right now as im typing i have my monitor and hdtv on the primary card. my monitor is plugged in to dvi 1 and the tv is in dvi 2 and it works but when i choose for the tv to clone the monitor, the highest res i can get is 1360x768 and my monitor is 14x9. so if i can run the hdtv off of my second 9800GT, it should allow me to change the res of my monitor back to 14x9 with 9800GT#1, right? so this is what im trying to do, 9800GT#1=1440x900 on monitor, and 9800GT#2=1360x768 on hdtv. is this possible or can i only run multiple display with 9800GT#1? any help is greatly appreciated, im new to having 2x graphics cards and trying to use multiple display.
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  1. Like you said, i think its less stressing to just disable SLi when u want to go TV-Out mode. If it just to watch videos, u won't be playing me thinks, right?

    Unless u want to play on your TV... I've done that in the past with my N64 and PSX emulators and a few games (i played FEAR on my TV, lol).

    Also, use the first card for it, u can manage different res with Dual View (that's how nVidia calls it, right?). Now, be carefull though, nVidia has a bug with TV-Out cables... Don't use S-Video to Composite (yellow RCA) or vice versa. And same goes for HDMI.


    EDIT: Added thingy.
  2. no i have a vga input on my hdtv and a dvi to vga adapter.
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