My c drive has lots of space but my recovery disk is 97% full

How do I free up space on my recovery disk which is 97% full. My C drive is 92% available?
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  1. Your recovery disc contains the files to restore your computer to factory condition. These are usually locked to enable a proper reinstall. The size of the recovery disk is only big enough to contain the necessary files anyway. Is there any reason why you would want to increase the disk size when you have 92% on c:\ available?
  2. I have a program that won't run and they (those who created software) said it was probably due to the lack of space. Does this not make sense? I assume from your answer that the program should be running on the C drive?
  3. Yes.The program should be in Program files on the c drive. It is a strange one that, if it says there is lack of space. I think you should try to reinstall the program and point it to install on your C drive (it should really do that automatically). All programs usually install on the same drive as Windows. It is very rare to install on anything but C:\. Data files like music MP3s and Pictures ect. are sometimes saved onto a different drive/partition.
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