Display goes to static-y and comp locks up on BIOS boot

If you could help me with this computer issue that would be great. Problem seems to manifest itself when either the keyboard is triggered or the BIOS gets to a certain point. The problem is the display goes to static-y lines and the computer locks up and, at this point, it happens when in the bios mode but did happen when running windows.

1:21 min youtube video of problem

Before this issue I had a corrupted ntfs.sys file that the was corrected successfully. While correcting that issue the there were several inconsistent points where booting from CD would halt. I did finally get there but it was defintely problematic. Once the ntfs.sys was fixed it booted once and was running fine for a couple of mins then the screen filled with lines or blocks.

I thought it might be a bad hard drive issue but the display fills with lines upon the bios bootup when I touch a key or the bios times out, so I dont think it is a hard drive issue because the hard drive is not accessed when going into bios (hitting the F_ key to enter into bios mode). Maybe the keyboard is an issue? I disconnected the keyboard and the display goes static-y when bios times out.

Have you seen anything like this before?
Do you think it is a bios only problem?

Is it possible to pull the hard drive out, NTFS XP pro, and put it into a external usb drive carriage to get the data off of it? (recommendations on process appreciated)

Thanks ahead of time.
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  1. WOW. That's a first for me, you tube video.

    No you are locking up before you can even get into the BIOS.

    This problem is likely your power supply, but whatever it is don't turn on the computer for now.

    Essentially, it looks like your PSU slowly faded away, getting worse and worse until finally a simple key press taxes it too far.

    The other possibilities are

    HEAT. Failed CPU fan.
    Failed CPU.
    Failed MB.

    Get a new power supply or borrow one. Open the case and verify that the CPU fan spins when you power up. If not, replace it and hope it's not too late.
  2. Check for blown capacitors on the mobo. How old is this system?
  3. Glad you liked the Youtube video of it the situation. Thought that would be halpful. I have never seen anything like this before and it is a bit difficult to describe.

    I think I found the problem - bad main memory. I pulled the additional memory out of the computer thinking I would get the machine down to its most basic form. I have not picked up an additional memory stick but should know in a couple of hours whether that at least resolved the issue. All I can say at the moment is that removing my non-onboard memory seems to have resolved the issue. It does make some sense when one thinks about how the memory card shares some of the main memory.
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