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Ok so i have a 3 year old Dell Latitude D820 and it only has 1gb of memory, but i want to upgrade to 2 or better. I have a few quick questions.

1. I should get PC2 - 5300 correct?

2. Is it better to get 2 gb as a single stick or two 1 gb sticks?

3. Where do i access these slots on the laptop, is it the middle part on the bottom?

Hop (Happy Thanksgiving) :D
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  1. PC2-5300 correct. Upgrade to 2x1GB = 2GB of memory.

    The link will show you how to change the memory. Some Dells have both memory slots on the bottom and some have the memory slots 1 on the bottom and one under the keyboard. This video shows you how to remove the keyboard if need be.
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