Help! computer will not boot?!

Hi all, i have just built the following comp:

hiper power 630w supply
asus p5q-e motherboard with an artic 7 cooler
intel q6600 quad processor
4gb ocz ram
radeon 4870 graphics
samsung 1tb hdd

I havent connected the hdd or the Dvd yet, when i turn the power on everything starts for a second. The psu fan spins and so does the graphics card, only for a second though. then it turns off. No idea what is going on. I have checked all power connections and everything seems fine. (i also tried with the hdd and dvd connected - still nothing)

Only notible thing is that on the back of the graphics card are 4 led lights, but only 3 of them light up for that second!?

I have tried different ram and different configurations and that hasnt helped either?

Anybody got any ideas,as these would be greatly appreciated?!

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  1. Hi Dan -

    Sorry to hear things aren't coming to life. I've had an issue like this once and it was that my CPU cooler wasn't seated well. The CPU overheated in a split second and the system would turn on and then shut down immediately. Make sure you're using a good thermal paste, like Arctic Silver 5.

    My next idea would be to borrow a video card and try to boot up with a different video card in it.

    When you test boot, just put 1 stick of RAM in - leave the other sticks out.

    Last, but not least, take it to the local computer shop and pay them for an hour of their time to see if they can figure it out. They have lots of parts that they can swap in and out to try and figure out what's going on.

    Best of luck!
  2. Also, borrow a power-supply and try to boot with a different power supply. Hiper isn't a name that I know in PSUs.
  3. Welcome to the forums!

    You may have the power to the video card plugged in at the opposite end.
    I did it once.
    Have you plugged in the 4-pin power connection on the motherboard?
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