Will an P35 DS3L work with a C2D Xeon?

I have a friend who has an engineering sample of a Xeon Core2Duo 45nm 3Ghz for me. I don't know the specs beyond this. My motherboard is a P35 DS3L and I know I'll have to flash the bios to F7 or something before I can even try but I was wondering if anyone will know if this will work or not. Has anyone try this combo before? I couldn't find much online.

Thanks all
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  1. usually a xeon fits in a 771 motherboard, not a 775 for which the DS3L is.
  2. Actually it depends on the motherboard and whether or not you have the right bios for it.... mine ( P35 DS3L ) came through with that bios I think...???? We had a 2.66 xenon ( 775 ) running on a board but not sure which one. You'll have to look into it further........... and there are probably boards that won't say it will run but will anyways. Let us know what happens.
  3. GB support list says no...
  4. Depends on the Xeon. I run a Xeon E3110 on my P35-DS3L and didn't even need to flash BIOS (it came with F7 back in march).
  5. I finally got the chip: Xeon 5160 Woodcrest 3.0GHz


    It's a 771 chip and there's nothing like it in the support list at the gigabyte support page. Will it burn up my mobo? Not sure. If it won't I'll swap it out just for kicks.
  6. Since it's another kind of socket, it simply won't fit.

    The good news is that you can probably sell it on eBay for 300-400$; when new, these things still cost 800$+.
  7. Thanks, I might just do that.

    Yeah they are not physically compatible: http://www.d-cross.com/show_article.asp?page=5&article_id=1172
  8. If you could get a hold of a 2nd one and a LGA771 MB, it would also make a great home server. But given the price of C2Q processors right now, not a great investment if you have to pay for the parts :-/
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