Too many icons xp


I have so many important icons but have overflowed off screen !

Appreciate help -ta- robin
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  1. you point at the icon that you want to delete, you right click, then left click delete
    however if you have placed files on the desktop, you can use the mouse to drag them into the my documents folder.
    you can also re-size the icons, to make them smaller or change your screen resolution
  2. Keep all your shortcuts, just put some of them in a folder.

    Right-click the screen in a clear area without a shortcut.
    Select "New" and then "Shortcut."
    A new folder icon will appear on the desktop.
    Drag and drop shortcuts into that folder to make desktop space available.
    Double-click the folder to access the shortcuts.

  3. It's a plague I tell you, a plague.    Ants everywhere..... I go.
  4. I think you should go to a basic computer usage class where you can learn about file and shortcut management.
  5. I think microsoft should be required to supply every one of it's users with a printed instruction manual. (since their tech support evades the resolution of problems)
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