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So, yesterday I was at home and decided to play WoW from my external HD (fresh install of windows and I couldn't be bothered to wait to transfer WoW to my other HD) and when I was going into WoW I could login, but upon double clicking my character the game just closed. Right after that, my computer stopped recognizing my external HD. After the HD disappeared I could see the HD under device manager but not under disk management, yet now when I plug it in it's coming up as "Unknown Device" when I try to plug it in.

I'd like to keep the data on the HD and get it working as it was, but the dats isn't super important, so any fix that'll allow me to use the drive will be good enough for me!

Thanks in advance :lol:
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  1. Well, have you tried the drive on another computer? Do you get the same result? You can also try different USB ports on the first computer, and different USB cables...
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