26 inch monitor.....which video card?

I will be replacing my current (Intrim) video card in the near future and cannot decide which way to go.

I was originally going to wait for another price drop and pick up a GTX 280. I've been reading about the new ATI 4870 and how it stacks up against the GTX 260 (falls somewhere between the GTX 260 and the GTX 280 but leans more towards the GTX 260 in actual performance).

Since I'm using a 26 inch Samsung monitor and run my resolutions at 1920X1200.....I'm wondering which card could provide the best performance without breaking the bank. Of course, I'd love to have a Radeon 4870 X2......but not at the current price....but maybe after the next seneration of cards comes out...that may be a possibility.

With the introduction of the new ATI 4870 X2...perhaps Nvidia will speed a new card to production thereby making the GTX 280 a bargain priced model....I'm not in a real rush to get a card right this minute.

My concern is having a card that will push a 26 inch monitor with no problems.

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  1. Depending on your motherboard you can go for an HD 4850 crossfire setup ($340).

    SAPPHIRE 100245L Radeon HD 4850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card - Retail

  2. Uhm... 9800GX2 i'd say...

    But then again, maybe 4850 in CF mode is a little better...

    What MoBo do you have? And also what is your price range?

  3. HD 4850 CF is the best you can get at that price range... not as expensive as an HD4870X2
  4. Mobo won't support crossfire or SLI Gigabyte EP35-DS3L...so single card solution is only option. Surprised not a big push for the ATI 4870...I was leaning toward that card. Seems like I am changing my mind after every review and comparison I read. Some reviewers are pitching the GTX260..others are pushing the ATI 4870 ....some rate them almost even. With talk of a GTX260+ for close to the same cash due out this month.....that would be a no-brainer......just not sure. If only the GTX 280 would drop another $100....my quest would be over. I'd prefer to not spend over $300 for a VGA........
  5. If your budget is up to $300 and you can't do multi-GPU, then HD 4870 is the only option. Don't even bother thinking about the GTX 260, not worth it.
  6. What have we heard about this card?

    Diamond 4870PE51G ATI Radeon HD 4870 PCI-Express 1GB GDDR5 Dual DVI Video Card

    Selling for about $9 over the $300 mark and has 1 GB of GDDR5 Memory. The extra memory has got help overall performace over the 512MB version......yes?

    This one looks like it could be the one :bounce:
  7. I don't think the extra memory will help the 4 series much (at least from what I heard)
  8. If you plan to run that huge monitor at its highest resolution, single 4870/gtx260 will probably not pack enough punch. Since you can't crossfire/sli, you're probably limited to the 3 fastest single cards: 1st 4870x2($550), 2nd 9800gx2($280), 3rd gtx280($420).
  9. get a gtx 260. it CAN handle 1920x1200 so dont worry
  10. Please. The GTX 260 is a failure on wheels with funky plastic cover. As much as I dislike dagger's beloved Peanut-Butter-&-Jelly-GX2, I have to admit that it does hold some value compared to the GTX 260.
  11. 9800GX2 is a good buy. But make sure you got the powersupply for it, and the ventilation. But that might be a ehhh buy since the 4800 cards handle AA alot better.
  12. How is the gtx 260 a failure? It goes blow for blow with the 4870 and costs about the same.
  13. I'd still say 4870

    Here is one of the games that favor nvidia

    Not really this 1, except at 2560

    All of these are from guru3d, check em out
  14. Try enabling AA, and after you do that, try enabling AA of the same quality as Ati's... just to see how low the dive of your precious GTX 260 goes.
  15. You can go to a dozen different sites and get different results. Even tomshardware puts them in the same catagory. I say if you have nvidia chipset go with gtx 260, if you have amd chipset go with ati, if you have intel then choose as you really will not notice a real difference between the gtx 260 and the 4870. I like and use both ATI and Nvidia so I could care less who is on top as long as they are truly on top. People just need to post facts. The 4870 does do better on some games and some benchmarks, but then again the gtx 260 does better on some games and some benchmarks. Choose which games you play and pick the one that does better on those.
  16. Facts:
    - ATi has DX10.1, nVidia has DX10
    - ATi has AVIVO, nVidia has paid PureVideoHD
    - nVidia has CUDA, ATi has OpenCL and a promise to do a better thing, lol
    - nVidia has PhysX, ATi has Havok
    - nVidia has defective chips (on notebooks confirmed at least), in ATi no one really knows of defective chips so far, lol.

    How those facts affect you, no one knows better than you :P

    I like the fact that ATi has DX10.1 NOW, so i won't have to upgrade my hi-end card to a new one on the mid run to play new content decently :P


    EDIT: Spelling
  17. Umm that's the thing, Tom's articles are slightly biased in nvidia's favor. But if we're trying to talk about facts here. Nvidia's standard antialiasing is of lesser quality than Ati's antialiasing, however you can set it up in the control panel to match Ati's quality, however this takes an incredible performance toll, something which is usually never reported on articles and very poorly documented so far. Not only that, but Ati cards are all around superior when AA is enabled, bar a few "The way it's meant to be played" titles like Crysis.

    With this I'm not saying that the HD 4870 is good a buy for that resolution, because I think it's lacking just like the GTX 260, just that the 4870 is a better for the price. If you really think that AA is no big deal for a card at this level, then you're just kidding yourself.

    EDIT: And before anyone comes with the "fanboy" word, look at my avatar with the EVGA logo that I've carried for nearly a year I think now, and also note I am running at the moment an 8800GTS (even though my HD 4850 should be here any day now...). Nvidia just dropped the ball this time around and I'm unable to recommend their cards past the $130 price point (8800GT).
  18. chef_jd said:
    How is the gtx 260 a failure? It goes blow for blow with the 4870 and costs about the same.

    Its not about failiure, its about who gave the the best price first:D. Not only that bu ATI cards seem to handle AA better and also produce better image quality than Nvidia:)
  19. Do you guys think the 4870 with the extra 512MB of the GDDR5 (1GB total) will have enough push of my 26" Samsung running at 1920X1200?

    I've read that the extra Memory does make a difference on larger displays.
  20. it makes a very minor difference, there were some cases where the card with the higher frame buffer under performed, like the the 8800 GTS 320 and 640. There were times where the 640 under performed.
  21. L1qu1d said:
    it makes a very minor difference, there were some cases where the card with the higher frame buffer under performed, like the the 8800 GTS 320 and 640. There were times where the 640 under performed.

    If i recall correctly, in this case, the 4870 1GB stays always on top of the 512MB version. And on larger res it just goes far far away from the 512MB version.

    I know some one has that benchmark link XD

    I'll look for it around :P

  22. That site barely says anything, they benched a card in DX 9, and also had 2 benchies in DX 10, Vantage and Crysis. The 4870 1 gig only won by a huge difference when AA was enabled in Crysis, and the frames remained un playable....

    So I'm still skeptical it will actually make much of a difference:D

    Next link:P
  23. Well, in Crysis it was ahead all the time, also in Vantage it was ahead all the time, right? Even on XP it was ahead all the time.

    That was my point. The 4870's scaling is not like on the 8800 series :P

    So it is worthy of an upgrade NOW and will last for even a longer time than the 512MB version.

    Come on, agree with me on this one >_<

  24. Cyris doesn't mean much to me, and Vantage REALLY doesn't mean jack to me either. As for Xp, it only does DX 9 which doesn't push the hardware, so you would see even a 1950 Pro shine in XP:)

    Thats what I'm saying, I didn't say the 4870 isn't a good card, I just don't kno if the extra 512 megs added would sweeten the deal to much unless its a 10$ difference (personal choice).

    Not only that look at the specifications, the 4870 1 gig is overclocked:) thats where you get the extra fps. The only time I saw it win by a big enough gap was empty, since its in Crysis, its 15 fps AVG (Unplayable), and when the cards are crossfired they don't scale as well as Nvidias ( In Crysis that is).
  25. Now that you mention it, i didn't noticed it was OCed, lol. I fail. Anyway, i don't expect for it to perform like a whole new card with today games. Doubling it's VRAM just makes it live a little longer. So, time wise, it is a good choice indeed. The thing about it will be it's final price tag. I'd say $20 is still a good margin if you don't plan on getting a DX11 card right away when they all pop.

  26. we'll see :) I think if you want a long lasting card you should go to the store today and preorder the 5870 X2:) that will last you a couple of months:D
  27. Ya know, the more I read, the more confusing it gets. I may hang out and see what the next batch of cards has in store for us.

    At this point, all things considered, for a non SLI system..the GeForce 9800 X2 looks like a decent card considering the big price drops. I think if memory serves me correctly this card is consistently rated as the 3rd fastest card available right this minute. It's priced right around the ATI 4870. I realize that performace varies within certain games and the settings....however generally speaking the 9800 X2 is a solid choice right now.

    I'm thinking, we are in a very small window before we see something new pop out from each company. The introduction of the ATI 4800 series may have a lit a fire under Nvidia and they will respond with something that will move the bar again. I'm guessing we'll see price drops in the current lines and the new cards won't be priced out of the ballpark....especially since ATI under cut Nvidia so badly with the last release.

    As I stated I'm not in dire need of a new VGA...but am anxious to complete my current build with a nice graphics acrd that will last me a good long while.

    I do find myself putting too much stock in benchmarks and frame rates sometimes. I mean...if a game runs at 120 FPS vs. 140 FPS......what's the real different in gameplay???? As I recall, if a game can run consistently at 30 FPS (and never drop below that)...it will very playable....after all 30 FPS is a normal video frame rate.
  28. yes but its recommended to be around 60 fps for LCDS:)
  29. Well, you *could* say under the upper-stream-segment light, that having more VRAM means a longer life span, so the GTX260 (8xxMB) GTX280 (1GB) and now the 4870 (1GB) are going to live a longer life thanks to that, but not a omfg-bigger life span either. It's kinda complicated to explain in regular words, but the cards arch right now can cope with a lot of today games smoothly, thanks to increases on almost all sides: speed, bus, GDDR, SPs, ROPs, TMUs, and a long list of things. That is, of course, from previous gen cards.

    Now we have bigger monitors becoming mainstream (sooner than later, 30" monitors will become standard IMO) and we'll need our video cards to cope with them off course.

    My point finally (lol) is: Getting bleeding edge NOW, means you'll be on mainstream in like 2 more gens before *needing* an upgrade. And by "needing" i mean getting <30FPS with all the eye-candy stuff you played on the games that came out with your card at a given res.

    In this particular topic, to be a little more helpful: The 48xx series from ATi are "bleeder" edge than the GTX series from nVidia IMO. Are a tad cheaper in some cases and perform nicely. The 4870 1GB is going to last longer than the 512MB, that's a fact, but how long, hard to say.

  30. yes but the 4870 isn't bleeding edge, its an edge, and its already been around since June :) we should be seeing new cards now LOL! the 280 GTX is way past its life, and the gX2 is a veteran:)
  31. Really looking hard at the 9800 GX2 now. Priced at $270 and performs very well even compared to the bleeding edge cards. I'm going to have to look around and see what I can find out about the effects of overclocking this card a bit. I think my 650 Watt Corsair PSU should handle it with no issues.
  32. 9800gx2 is currently 2nd in performance, below 4870x2 and above gtx280. Performance is consistent. Dual gpu scaling problems have been solved long ago. Drivers are already mature. You have to look at newer benchmarks done in the past few months, not beta driver benchmarks that came right after 9800gx2 came out. That means instead of Googling "9800gx2 review," search for reviews of newer cards like 4870/gtx280 that also includes 9800gx2 for comparison.

  33. Many thanks for the links and advice. I'd been googling the 9800 GX2 Reviews.....and getting tests results with immature drivers. I'm going to spend some time reviewing those results against newer cards (this is actually making my choice easier) and looking into overclocking. This card could keep my computer "in the game" for a reasonable amount of time without breaking my bank account. I always wanted to try Oblivion, and with this card it should run fine.

    Cheers :wahoo:
  34. DennisP said:
    Do you guys think the 4870 with the extra 512MB of the GDDR5 (1GB total) will have enough push of my 26" Samsung running at 1920X1200?

    I've read that the extra Memory does make a difference on larger displays.

    To set this straight, up to 1920x1200 they are identical. At 2560x1600 with 16xAF and at least 8xAA the 1gb starts to pull ahead. As far as the lifespan of this card is concerned, that's all that matters.
  35. emp said:
    Please. The GTX 260 is a failure on wheels with funky plastic cover. As much as I dislike dagger's beloved Peanut-Butter-&-Jelly-GX2, I have to admit that it does hold some value compared to the GTX 260.

    I have personally had horrible experiences with recent Nvidia drivers.... basically anything since 94.xx has caused massive amounts of problems. And if you happen to be one of the people experiencing problems with their drivers, they hardly update them where ATI doesn't **** around and offers regular updates. That's the biggest upside about going with a 4850 or 4870.
  36. Well, I ordered and EvGA 9800 GX2 for $299 and another $50 off for a rebate....free shipping from Amazon...so I got the card for $249 delivered.

    Installed card..what a chore. Had to move hard drives and DVD to fit this "Brick" into my case. Once installed, computer booted fine...installed latest drivers and the card was humming right along. No problems with the drivers....one thing I will say about this....do not remove the old drivers like you normally do...just install the card and install the drivers.

    I've always wanted to play Oblivion but never had a computer to handle it....finally bought the game and installed it. Set everything to the highest settings and started into the game. I read where the outdoors scenery really tests a computer and video card capabilities. Out of the tutorial I headed outside for a romp through the forest and hills. Outdoor scenery is almost photo-realistic with mucho detail. Game runs very smooth..only a very very very slight hesitation occasionally when charging through the woods. This doesn't even happen enough for you to notice it and certainly not enough to affect the game play at all. All in all, I'm very happy with the cards performance.

    The $249 price tag makes the card a steal in my opinion.
  37. I game at 1920X1200 also. Detail is awesome. Thanks and good luck with your choice too :)
  38. The samsung 26' lcd is awesome , think we have the same monitor , got 9800GX2 and it looks great :)
  39. Monsta....I had the 2693HM but had an issue with the auto-shutdown...so Samsung took it back and sent me a new T260. Very nice monitor and I like the OSD buttons soooo much more.

    The 9800 GX2 has no problem pushing the pixels in this monitor.
  40. The T260 looks great!
  41. I currently have a 4870 powering a 28" HannsG monitor with no recurring problems. I play Crysis, Crysis Warhead, at 1600x1200, high, no other eye candy activated, and periodically will experience choppiness in game play - but nothing that pisses me off.
    COD4, Bioshock, play flawless. But being a sucker for upgrading, even if it is prohibitively high, I will be installing a 4870x2 shortly. Q6600 Oc'd to 3.0, 4 gigs Ram, Vista 64 bit, 750 PSU, Asus P5E mb. I must say I am quite satisfied with the 4870.
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