SSD the most logical upgrade path?

I'm running an e8400, 4 GB of DDR2, HD4890m EP-35 Motherboard and 2x 500 GB WD 7200 RPM.

Let's say for the sake of discussion I was to want to do a general upgrade. I take it an SSD would be the most advisable? The system seems to run fine for games, even runs Crysis at 1920 x 1200 on Gamer with playable FPS. Would an SSD be the best way to do it? I'm going to go ahead and overclock the e8400 to 3.6 GHz since I went ahead and purchased an Arctic 7 Pro Cooler and installed it. I'm running Win7 x64 and with TRIM, it really seems as though the SSD would be the way to go.

Reason I ask is NCIX has the 60 GB version of the OCZ running for $199.99 right now with rebate. Seems like a pretty good deal especially considering the SSD thread seems to recommend the Intel X25 series the highest followed by the Vertex, but the 60 GB Vertex is also $100 less than the $299 80 GB X-25 right now.
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  1. A SSD is a nice upgrade, but be careful about which one. The speed specifications do not tell you the right statistics to decide. The controller chip is all important, and the inclusion of "trim" support helps performance as the drive handles more writes. This area is changing rapidly, and SSD's are getting better and cheaper. It might pay to wait. I think the Intel X25-M gen2 are the safest to buy today. The sweetness of the price will be forgotten if you do not realize the performance you hope for.

    If money is burning a hole in your pocket, how about buying a second monitor? It is one of the best upgrades I ever did.
  2. An SSD probably won't speed up the game once it's loaded, but it should let the game load up a lot faster.

    For an idea of the performance difference, have a look at this comparison I made of HDD vs SSD used to boot Windows 7 and start Firefox:
  3. Geo, already got a second monitor. Bought a 24" 1920x1200 Samsung and 1920x1080 LG :)

    I went with the Vertex, I hope I like it as much as I expect.
  4. Depending on how much space you need/want, this drive is a steal at $130.

    Though I have nothing but praise for my 60GB OCZ. If you're satisfied with everything else I say go for it.
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