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I'm looking to purchase a (UPS power system) for my computer, i'm a PC musican who will be recording a lot of audio data in to a DAW and seriously dont need the PC to shut down in the process due to an electrical cut out. I'm typically looking for a good brand, any suggestions..

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  1. APC are good. Make sure you get AVR (automatic voltage regulation). Some have only under voltage regulation, the better ones have under and over voltage regulation.
    A UPS can be used to provide uninterrupted power to equipment for 1–20 minutes until a generator can be turned on or utility power is restored
  2. APC FTW!
  3. I have been very satisfied with APC. I have the XS-1500 unit which is probably obsolete by now. A momentary power glitch keeps your PC running uninterrupted. It is very comforting to have this available if you are doing a bios update. You can get a small system that gives you just a few minutes so that you can stop what you are doing and shut down gracefully. Or you can spend more and get enough capacity to run for a couple of hours.
  4. For anything other than very basic cheap battery-backup, there's really only APC. A decent UPS can help your hardware by 'cleaning' the power - maintaining a constant voltage and removing spikes. Our office regularly drops as low as 204v (we are in the UK and should be running 230-240v).

    One thing I would say though as you are a musician - there's a heavy amount of interferance from some UPS devices so be careful on placement. My home connecton went up from 800kbits to 1400kbits just from moving the APC Smart-UPS1400 that protects the firewall / router away from the phone line.
  5. Great! thanks to all of you for your extensive suggestions, APC it is..

  6. I've been very satisfied with my APC UPS, I live in florida and we have many power anomalies in my area (like once a day) and so far my UPS has performed excellently!
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