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Can people please have a look over my new build and check I havent picked anything rubbish before I order.

GPU PowerColor HD 4870 512MB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDTV Out PCI-E Graphics Card

Case Antec 1200 Twelve Hundred Full Tower Case

Optical Drive Sony DRU-190A 20X DVD±RW DL & DVD-RAM IDE internal - Retail With Multi Bezel & Nero

OS Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium - Licence and media - 1 PC - OEM - DVD - 64-bit - English

RAM Corsair 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 XMS2 DHX Memory Non-ECC Unbuffered CL4(4-4-4-12)

PSU Antec 650W Neopower Modular PSU - Blue LED 12CM Fan

CPU Cooler Zalman CNPS 9700 LED Socket 754, 940, 775, 939 & AM2 CPU cooler

MOBO Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS5 P45 Socket 775 8 channel audio ATX Motherboar

CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Socket 775 (3.0GHz) 1333FSB 6MB L2 Cache Retail Boxed

Sound Logitech X-530 5.1 Speaker System - 70W RMS

Monitor Samsung SM223BW 21.6" TFT Monitor Widescreen 1680x1050 3000:1 300 cd/m2 5ms VGA/DVI-D

HDD Western Digital WD6400AAKS 640GB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 16MB Cache - OEM

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  1. I don't know about the screen and the soundcard but the rest is #1!

    Good luck
  2. Are you set on surround sound for your computer? 70 total watts. 25 to the sub. 45w split between the 5 actual speakers is not much. But for $100 that is probably your best bet for surround sound. I personally would spend $100 on a much better 2.1 system or spend more $ on a better 5.1 system. For example Klipsch Promedia (200w for sub and 2 speaks) has a great set of 2.1s for $100. logitech makes a great high end 5.1 but it is around $400 so significantly more than what you are spending right now.
  3. Looks nice.
  4. To be honest I thought the sound system was an area I could save a bit of money in.

    Im moving up from quite a cheap old 2.1 so Im sure the 5.1 will be a great improvement as it is.

    Once my funds replenish I can always look at upgrading my sound system.
  5. I dont feel you notice a big difference on sound tbh. You'll do fine with that one.
  6. Change that burner. Sony and IDE are both words you don't want to hear related to your PC.
    Get a SATA burner (Samsung SH-S223F or whatever)

    Video card/case/Windows/RAM/HDD/CPU/monitor/speakers - good choices

    Cooler: it's good, but there are quieter or cheaper coolers that achieve the same temps. If you buy from for example, OCZ Vendetta 2 is a nice cooler.

    PSU/MB: I would go for an X48 MB and a 750W PSU. That allows you to add a second video card without bottlenecks or worries about amps. E.g. GA-X48-DS4 and Corsair 750W.
  7. I'm just guessing you're in the UK because that DS5 is not sold in the USA AFAIK.

    GA-X48-DS4, 140 GBP. (6 GBP more than the GA-EP45-DS5)
    Compared to the GA-EP45-DS5, it has the advantage that Crossfire runs at 16x+16x, not 8x+8x.

    Corsair 750W TX

    OCZ Vendetta 2 cooler

  8. makes sense. you may want to go listen at a store. you may not even need to spend $100 right now. its sort of like spending money on two low end graphics cards sli or crossfire vs. less or the same on a mid range single card. again maybe surround is super important to you. but a better 2.1 then what you have for now might be preferred until you can afford a nice 5.1. but if you play it quiet and are most interested in hearing things behind you vs. sound quality and volume this is the right system.

    and i didn't say it before. like your other choices. looks like a good build.

    1 more thing. don't know a lot about monitors so i can't comment on that specific one, but i do know the 4870 is pretty beefy. may want to look into 1920x1200, the card can handle it. if staying with your choice of resolution you may not need to spend so much on your graphics card. if you look at benches for just 1680x1050 you can see what i mean. a lower card can still max out games at that res.
  9. Ok. sorry for the essay

    I decided not to go for the X48 because I have no intention of adding a second graphics card. My logic ( might be bad logic ) is that by the time the 4870 starts to struggle in games, there will either be another midrange single slot card, or I will have the money to shell out for a Nehalem system

    The choice of the 650 watt PSU is also influenced by this as, since I have no intention of powering a second card I figured 650 should be enough?

    I know its sad but one of the main reasons for choosing the cooler ( and another bonus point to the PSU ) is I like the way it looks. Ive seen a lot of 1200s with the 9700 in them and I like the look of the LED on the fan.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Sony IDE drive. I was originally going to get a Sata drive but read there was not really any performance gain to teh Sata over the IDE. Ill do some research into a different DVD drive.

    About the monitor...
    I would really love to have a 24" monitor but I really cant afford it. The 1920x1200 would be nice tho. I know the 4870 handles games well at that res at the moment but I dont want to have to buy another GPU sooner than I would to just to power a massive monitor.

    Thanks for all your input.
  10. if you are sticking with this monitor for awhile then you may want to check out benches at that res for cards like the 4850. you can probably get the same performance and save money. by the time you are ready to get a better monitor, the monitor will be cheaper and there will be better cards out. with better cards out things that are good now (4870, 4870x2) will be much cheaper. typically people upgrade graphics cards more often then monitors. so getting a card now for a monitor you might not get for a year or two might be spending more than you need. just a thought if you are trying to save $.
  11. Sounds good. At 1680x1050 a single HD 4870 is plenty, except of course in Crysis.

    Get the 750TX anyway, it's normally cheaper than the Neopower and gets better reviews. Plus, if you change your mind about Crossfire, it will be handy to have the extra amps.

    The DS5 does support Crossfire anyway, it's just that it would drop to 8x + 8x and you'd get maybe 10% less fps than on an X48. No worries there.
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