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I have (had) a dell xps 600 computer that the motherboard just went bad on. I also have a pair of 250 gig hard drives that I had set up in raid 0. The computer isn't worth fixing and i have ordered a new one, but my last backup was about a month ago (yea I know stupid) and there is some data on the drives I really need. Without going through a data recovery service (that wanted between $1000-$3600 to get the info off the drives, is there some way for me to access my info?

Any help is appreciated.

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  1. Alarian said:
    I have (had) a dell xps 600 computer that the motherboard just went bad

    Do you know what's wrong with the computer? If it's the power supply, you can buy one on Ebay for 25 USD. Or if it's memory, also very cheap.

    So my advice is repair the computer, and then make your backup.

  2. Everything I've read over the last 4 days it leading me to believe it's the motherboard. (mainly off dell's forums). According to others on Dells website, you can no longer get the motherboard, and even it you could, they were charging $700 for it which is insane for a 5 year old computer. For $25 bucks though I guess I could try a new PS, worst case is I would be out the $25. Should I just pick up a generic 650 watt PS or does the xps use a funky proprietary PS? Considering all I will use it for will be the length of time it takes me to get the data off the drives.

    For what I paid for the computer, it's really been a POS. While under warranty, I've had every major component replaced at least once, some more so. It had countless spontaneous OS corruptions that required HD wipes and re-installation of the OS. I had actually quit using the computer for about 2 1/2 years and just started using it again about 6 months ago. If I had been smart I would have just gotten rid if it long ago. Problem now is there is some stuff that I really need to get off the drives.

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