E8500 CPU PLL Voltage

I have an E8500 on a GA-EP45-UD3P MOBO overclocked to 4 GHz. The CPU PLL Voltage is at 1.65 . Is this OK?
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  1. well yes and no damage only really occurs above 1.7 but the lower the better tbh see if you can get it down to 1.6
  2. Right now in the BIOS it is set to AUTO. Should I change the Bios from AUTO to 1.6?
  3. i would but im not a noob at OC ing :P, put it to 1.6 and see if ure pc is still stable, if t is then you could lower it some more
  4. Thank you for the help.
  5. 1.6 volts in one E8500 ??? you are about to burn it in a week, as i read about it, the E8500 woldnt take more than 1.4 even at 4.5Ghz check it here ( and this is a very extreme overclock)

  6. Drackie, you need to learn the difference between vcore and pll.
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