Help - my P690 PCI-card is too "short"

Hi, I've got a Matrox Millennium p690 card that I bought to get two DVI outputs on an old Shuttle-system. Only thing is that it's almost an inch too short to fit the motherboard. It says it's a low profile card, and I guess then that my card just doesn't fit the motherboad. Should I return the card and get a new one? How can I make sure it would fit, and would you have any ideas on what to get that's passively cooled, PCI and has two DVI outputs?
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  1. Might help if you could expand on your system a bit. Most, if not all, low profile cards only have a single output (DVI or VGA).

    If you could provide a link to the card you purchased and either the system or motherboard you have, it might help things along.

    TIA (thanks in advance).

    -Wolf sends
  2. This is the card:

    The motherboard is AOpen UK79G-1394.

    I'm thankful for any input although I suspect I will have to find another card.
  3. OK. That's not a low profile card. Can you verify if this is your motherboard? Is so, you have two expansion slots, one PCI (higher one as pictured) and one AGP slot (lower one as pictured).

    -Wolf sends
  4. You know - you're right! This is so embarrassing but the card fitted. I've tried to put it in the AGP slot. I feel very ashamed and want to thank you for your help!
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