Cannot logon... but the command length is incorrect

This happens only after I did a custom Widnows update. As there were many what seem to me are repetitive, I only select one of them along with the other 'stand alone'... Now for my so-called "smart fart" action I am in trouble and need some help.
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  1. Read your post again... start to finish, don't overlook the thread title.

    It made no sense to me, so I rented 10 seconds of computing power (minimum order) from the
    Tianhe-IA supercomputer in China to figure out just what you said. If you don't know what that machine is, click the purple link and find out.

    The result was you screwed up... big time and it had no idea what to do about it.

    Restart your computer, pecking the F8 key every second while it is starting. Start early, once Windows starts to load you are too late.

    When the Black & White screen appears with the startup choices, select "Start Windows in safe Mode."
    Do this by using your keyboard cursor keys and the Enter key.

    If you choose any other option, that's on you.

    Next screen, choose to start Windows Xp.

    A lot of junk will go across your screen, be patient, it will stop in various places and think for a few seconds, then continue.

    Your computer may ask for a password, just press the enter key. If it actually wants to know what account to log onto, choose Administrator.

    Eventually, it will look like it is actually going to start, but it won't. Instead it will offer to perform a system restore point rollback, or, keep going into safe mode. Here, you select to do the restore point. Choose a date on the appearing calendar in bold type that is before you screwed up your machine. Allow it to do it's work and it will restart and work fine.

    Don't screw it up again. 10 seconds on that computer cost $6,890(US) so I hope you learned your lesson.

    You can pay me back later.

    If this doesn't fix it, I have other ways, but you must be able to prove you are over 13 years old (laws as they are).

    Edit: I just got the bill
  2. I've actually read most of the other threads with similar incidents and had tried out all remedies given...but unfortunately nothing happens = no solution.

    Then I decided not to mess with it anymore and had the cpu sent to a repair man who managed to get all my data back, hard disk reformatted and all softwares reinstalled. I don't know what he did but he only charged me SGD80.00. And now, I am able to get it going again :D

    By the same token, I would like to thank to all who contributed to this thread.
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