BIOS doesn't read the RAM SPD module correctly

I need your help.
I was upgrating my old system by replacing some dead RAM by newer one.
The chipset is an intel 865 (MOB: D865GLC). The rAM are DDR 400MHz (Kingston).
I check that these RAM were supported and verified by Intel for that MOB.
When I install the 2 chips (512MB each) the bios could not recognize the frequency at 400 MHz and setthem up at 266MHz. I try to manually correct the spedd and timing but the I could not reboot.

Usually, it means that the SPD module is not read correctly and that the RAM is defected. In that case I try each RAM independantly and same result!

So I used CPU-Z to read the SPD module to see if it was really the RAM, but here the SPD was read correctly.

I made sure my bios was up to date and I got the last version.

Is there anything I can do to fix that?

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  1. The ram may be rated at 400 but your system may only use the lower frequency... most do.

    You have to look at the bus speed in cpu-z.
  2. Hi r-sky,

    From CPU-Z: bus speed (CPU) is 99.8MHz and FSB rated = 399.1MHz

    Although I do not know much, when you say the system is not only the mainboard? I though the RAM frequency has to match the the MODB chipset capability not the CPU. Am I mistaken?
  3. What processor do you have?

    Go here for the manual

    depending on the cpu, mem speed is lower than rated...
  4. I have a Pentium 4 @ 2.2GHz.
    In the manual they mention it on table 5 with FSB at 400MHz.

    At the same time their reference for DDR400 is FSB 800MHz and read spead 400MHz.
    Does it mean that th ebord has to have a FSB of 800MHz to be able to have the speed at 400Hz?
  5. Quote:
    Supported system bus frequency and memory speed combinations

    To use this type of DIMM... The processor's system bus frequency must be...
    DDR400 800 MHz
    DDR333(Note) 800 or 533 MHz
    DDR266 800, 533, or 400 MHz Supported system bus frequency and memory speed combinations

    In order for you to use DDR400 you must have a FSB of 800MHz. Since your FSB is 400 it will be reduced to DDR266. Don't forget that DDR stands for Double Data Rate. In other words DDR400 has an effective speed of 800 MHz. Since your FSB is 400MHz DDR400 is actually twice as fast.
  6. Thanks to both of you r-sky and Allhands. I finally got it!
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