First build, talking the plunge

I have been working all summer at my minimium wage job to afford this. Next monday when I get the check, I will be ordering all of the following.

E8400 woldale, Biostar Tforce motherboard, hd 4850, 550watt ps, antec 900 case, 4g g skill DDR2 1000 RAM.

The only thing that worries me is the power supply, because 550 watts is some what low. It is good quality and with my antec 900 case combo and its free shipping I basically get it for 20 dollars. Not bad at all if you ask me. The whole build, with tax and shipping, is 785 dollars. Rebates will get it down to about 735. One heck of a deal.

I want to eventually overclock. I was going to get a xigymatek s231...whatever cooler and a artic passive cooler for the card but they cut my hours at work and its not happening any more. I will probably get them in the future.

I just wanted to know what all of you thought of this selection. I may change the power supply for a 750 watt corsair (single 12v rail) if my check is bigger then I think it will be. Other then that I am happy with all this. Your guys thoughts?

Oh, and what are some things I should consider/look out for/know before I put this thing together? What tools will I need? Anything that may be relevant before I put this thing together.

Thanks, toms has been invaluable to me. I am so looking for to ditching my emachines with a 2.8ghz single core processor and 256mb of RAM for this much more modern build :).
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  1. none of the newegg links are working. so if you want opinions on hdd, dvd-rom, etc then you'll have to post the specs.

    ddr 800 is fine on ram. don't need higher. save a couple of bucks but it is so cheap might not cost you much more for what you already have

    what specific power supply is it?

    hd4850 is great and so is the e8400.
  2. oh and what os are you running?
  3. Sorry about that, fixed links. Its a antec bsq plus 550 watt power supply.

    And I'm going to run vista 64bit
  4. didn't see a hard drive on there? do you already have one or something?

    i looked, think you only save 5 bucks total on 4 gigs of same ram but 800 so probably fine with what you have. although your voltage on the 800 would be lower.

    don't know enough to be super helpful but i would specifically get opinions on the mobo and psu. those are going to be crucial and may need some adjusting.
  5. Fixed. Its at the top.
  6. Read this article about 320GB HDs.
    They recommend the Seagates and say avoid the Hitachi
    I've been very happy with my Biostar mobos, stable and easy OC. Nice build, the Antec PSU should be fine for it.
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