Can I use all three outputs of a video card?

I'm currently using a video splitter off of one dvi/vga to output to a monitor and projector (my video card only allows me to drive two of its three outputs), and the TV is coming off the s-video. But now I want to add an additional monitor. I was hoping that I could use the other dvi/vga output. The use is for presentations and videos. The resolution is 1024x768.

So are there any video cards that can drive all three (s-video, 2x dvi/vga) outputs at the same time? Or do I have to get another video splitter? Do I have any other options?

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  1. I'd recommend a second video card (A standard PCI card should suffice). Most cards can only support output to 2 monitors/display devices. As for a second card see below. A new second video card however depends on the type of card that you have to start with, whether ATI, or nVidia. (they don't play together if you mix and match)

    $60 PowerColor 2400PRO (MIR of $10, supports DX10)(Typically ATI have the best video out for HDTV)

    $46 eVGA 6200 (older, does not support DX10)(there is a cheaper one, but eVGA has better support, so I'd trade $2 extra for better support)
  2. Driving all three requires 3 RAMDACS, and well most video cards only have 2. The only single GPU card that can run 3 at the same time is a Matrox. If your just going to run videos you can just get a cheap PCI-E card, or if you only have a free PCI slot then a PCI card, and hook up another monitor to that. Since presentations aren't all that demanding even the cheapest thing will do. Of course if you're using Vista you can only use one driver at a time so you can't mix and match NV or ATI cards. It's all ATI or all NV. You could also get one of those USB things that lets you hook up a seperate monitor and set of input devices to use as a virtual PC. Yeah it'll sap your performance but that shouldn't be a problem just for presentations
  3. My current video card is a XFX 7600GT. I can only add a PCI card. Will any other nVidia card work with this one in clone mode?

    thanks again.
  4. Also, I'm curious about that USB device Megamanx00 mentioned. It may be something I'm interested in for a different application. Do you know the name of the product?
  5. @tai11354, I'd look into that 6200 I mentioned before, as you have a 7600 (both are nVidia). And yes, any nVidia PCI card should/will work (even the old MX440).

    Edit, some drivers may be incompatible but the HW is fine.
  6. Check this out:

    Matrox Graphics eXpansion Modules

    Matrox DualHead2Go
    Matrox TripleHead2Go
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