New Build but which Nvidia GPU

Hi all
First post so here goes..............

I have just built a new tower for myself consisting of :

Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe
AMD Phenom Quad core 9500
4GB DDR2 Geil 800

Can someone please tell me the best GPU to get in the region of £200............... ie GTX260
I have read so much on reviews i am confusing myself because all the reviews do is compare one to GTX260 vs 9800GTX+ etc.
Is there a website which compares all GTX260's.
I do not want to go to ATI thanks lol.
Many thanks

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  1. I'm guessing your askin if there is a site that compares BFG's GTX260 against eVGA GTX260 against PNY GTX260.

    The answer is not always. Some sites for instance does that sometimes. Really just look at the core clock and memory clock. The most overclocked of those cards will be the fastest. Otherwise its just brand cards from different manufactures with the same clock speeds are going to perform exactly the same (assuming they have the good cooling).

    I suggest eVGA, BFG, or XFX. Really anyone is good cept PNY (working in a tech shop I would see these come back most often and they have a god aweful warranty process). Windfast/leadtech are crap to but I dunno that they exist anymore.
  2. EVGA, and XFX for sure, I have an XFX 780i mobo, which has been a pretty good experience. Personally I would say PNY is fine aswell. I have a PNY 8800GT with no problems, and havn't had any issues with it at all.

    Btw:leadtech is still around, I havn't seen it much but it's mostly non-US I think
  3. well there are 2 other methods you can do,,1 look for reviews based on the card you are looking at or ,2,on the cpu,,,for instance after i bought my 8800gt,i read an article/review on Tom's that concluded that a cpu running at 2.6 ghz was the best for said gpu,so i got one an amd 5000 be ,,result,,happier than the proverbial pig..:)
  4. Personally, I do question a bit for your decision to stay entirely with nVidia cards, given ATi's rough dominance in that price range, (unlike the $120US range where the 8800GT reigns supreme) particularly since you appear to have picked up a CrossFire motherboard.

    At any rate, if you want to compare individual manufacturers of the same model of graphics card, know that because they use the same chip and the same whole grand achitecture, performance will be on a similar scale. The only real differencesm as timaahhh said, will come from changes in clock rate. (overclocking) In other words, you can compare their respective clock speeds and know how they compare to each other right there.

    Also, while you're at it, you might want to give a look to the GeForce 9800GX2 as well. Particularly if you run without AA, it can yield superior performance to the GTX 260, and even often best the GeForce GTX 280, when only costing as much as the 260.
  5. LOL, indeed. You got an expensive motherboard with full-speed Crossfire (16x+16x) and you're wasting it with an nVidia card.

    You would have a more future-proof system with a HD 4870 than a GTX 260. Even if you don't care, it will bite you when you try to resell this PC.

    The HD 4870 and GTX 260 trade blows in benchmarks and cost about the same.

    Same recommendation here as timaahhh: GTX 260 from eVGA, BFG or XFX. If you change your mind and get the HD 4870, Visiontek or Sapphire are the best.

    Just curious: if you don't trust AMD to make a decent video card, how come you trust them to make a decent CPU and a decent MB chipset? It's been the same company for a long time now.
  6. Oh, as something else I forgot to mention... Really, out of all the nVidia brands, I personally favor eVGA, and for good reason. They have this brilliant "step-up" program that can effectively safeguard you against regretting your purchase later on when prices drop or a new card comes out. Simply put, within a set amount of time, if you decide you want a better card instead, you can ship it back to them, and purchase a new card using the credited original price you paid for your original card.

    To take a real-world example of this, let's look at those schmucks that unfortunately paid a whopping $300US for a GeForce 9800GTX when it came out, only to find, a couple months later, the GeForce GTX 260 was about the same price that they paid, and the 9800GTX was less than $200US. Rather than being a sad panda because they would've been a lot better off than they would've had they waited, the owner of that eVGA 9800GTX can just ship it back, and credit that $300US toward a GTX 260, effectively getting an upgrade for nothing more than shipping & handling.
  7. BFG has something similar to eVGA's step-up now.

    The problem though is that the "set amount of time" is 90 days, IIRC, and chances are there won't be any new high-end cards within this time. nVidia has announced plans to release a new high-end card each spring. They also plan 40 nm releases for next spring. Now, if the OP can wait until December or February, that step-up option would probably be very valuable.
  8. Wait a minute, WHAT!? You want to use an nVidia Card on a Motherboard meant for Crossfire!? No dude. If you want to go with an nVidia GPU and are going to spend the money for something that has two PCI-E 16x slots then get an SLi board or get a good single slot board and a better CPU. With the board you chose you won't be able to upgrade your setup later by dropping in another GPU for SLi, so that other full 16x. PCI-E 2.0 slot will be sitting there with nothing to do, unless you get some hacked drivers anyway ^_^. Really though go with a 4870, or if you're dead set on an nVidia card then get an SLi board.
  9. See now im confused even more.

    Thanks for the replies will start reading more.

    If i do go Nvidia i think i will choose the XFX GTX260 XXX version.

    I will have to read more into ATI but have never used them before so dont now much about them ie how much support do they have.
    reason i went for the motherboard was for the latest chipset 790.
    This is setup with my Nvidia XFX 7950GT Extreme at the moment and has improved my graphics alot considering how old this GPU is.

    Once again thx
  10. You got the AMD 790FX Crossfire chipset, not the nVidia 790i SLI chipset. You need to be careful, not all 790 chipsets are the same thing. Between those two, the 790FX uses DDR2 and IMO that makes it a better choice.
  11. take your pic Source is

    Full AA maxed out settings.

    Crysis Med Settings, I beleive no AA 16x Anti-S

    They don't have the X2 up yet though:(
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