Will a sli PSU work ok on a non Nvidia motherboard?

hello, I am about to buy a 600 watt v series SLI ready power supply and I would like to know if it will work on my non SLI motherboard and other components such as graphics card etc. I dont intend to use SLI anytime soon so it not being able to use SLI is not a problem. What I'm worried about is will it work and power everything in my pc efficiantly without any problems?

My pc is a:

sr5505f compaq presario
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  1. Yes, PSUs marked "SLI ready" work fine with any motherboard. "SLI ready" just meads they have connectors for two video cards. It may not even be true, depending on which video cards. Or they may have the connectors for two video cards but not the power.

    Your computer is normally delivered with a 250W PSU. I assume you want to replace it so you can add a decent graphics card, right? A 600W PSU will be plenty if you want to add a 9800GTX+ or a HD 4850 for example.
  2. Before you buy the new video card, make sure it fits in your case. If you've got something like 11" available then any card will fit. If it's less, your choices are limited. For example a 9800GTX+ is 10.5" long. A HD 4850 or HD 4870 is about 9.25" long. With any of them, the length may depend on manufacturer too.
  3. Thanks, your information really helped :)
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