Hi guys :-)

I bought a SEAGATE HD a month ago ,
but i downloaded ASHAMRO HARD DISK MANAGER or something like this ,,,

the programme tells me that the health and preformance is poor and under 50%
is that means the HD is corrupted or what ?
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  1. Download and run Seagate SeaTools and see what it says. If you have to return the drive to Seagate; they will ask for the SeaTools test results anyway.
  2. I agree with ronbo13. When you go for the free download, there are several versions. I recommend the one called Seatools for DOS. You install that on your existing C: drive, then use it to burn to your own floppy or CD-R disk a bootable diagnostic utility disk. You boot from that and it temporarily loads a mini-DOS into RAM with which you can run all the diagnostic tests completely independent of your Windows (or other) OS.
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