Ordering this weekend. Any suggestions before I go for it?

Only built one other system before this, and will be keeping the 250gb HDD from it and selling the rest to my friend to help pay for this one. Have gone through a lot of threads and I intend to OC the cpu to around 2.8-3ghz. Maybe more, don't know yet. Will be using this to do some gaming, dvd burning, video editing, programming and school work. Would it be in my interest to get the Q9500 instead or is it not worth the price increase? What about a better heat sink, $10-20 makes no difference really so is there a better one cooling wise that doesn't sound like an airplane preferably.

PSU Corsair 750w tx $119.99 -$20 MIR

Case Antec Twelve Hundred $200 (save $50 with Case/Mobo combo deal)

MOBO Asus P5Q-pro $140

CPU C2Q Q6600 OEM $185

GPU Power cooler ATI Radeon HD 4870 $279 - $30 MIR

Ram G skill 4gb (2x2gb) 1066 $109

HS/F Xigmatek with retention bracket

DVD burner Lite on 20x Sata $24

HDD WD 640gb Sata ($85)

Thermal MX-2 Thermal Compound $7 Getting this instead of the AS5 since no "curing period"

Total: $1,084.85 After $60 mail in rebates.

Anyone see any problems, things I should change etc? Up for suggestions on ram, case, and motherboard especially. Wouldn't mind changing the PSU if you know of any better ones for a similar price.
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  1. $70 after rebate : Antec 900

    $90 after rebate : Corsair 750tx

    $179 : X38 motherboard (two full 16x PCI-e lanes)

    $67 after rebate - Corsair 4gb DDR2-800 (you don't need 1066)

    Buy two hard disks and put Windows on one and games on the other (much faster load times, smoother play, etc.).
  2. Doesn't offer shipping, and I don't want to drive an hour and a half out of my way to save $5 without the gas cost.. I don't think their warranties allow for over clocking anyway right?

    As for the 1200, it comes with a $50 off combo deal with the A5Q pro Mobo, placing it at $159.99.
  3. Three year warranty with Retal box. NO warranty with OEM. Intel RMA service has no way of knowing you OC'd your processor or not. If you dropped it in the garbage disposal and turned it on for a minute or two, you warranty would be void. Too obvious.

  4. 6600 is old I'd recomend getting a newer Q9550
    little bit more lots more performance.
    If you're into air cooling there isn't really much in terms of quiet cooling...
    Zalman 9700 or the coolertherm Nirvana are pretty top knotch
  5. I'm a bit scared to jump into the water cooling department, but how much would a decent kit run me for? (at least better cooling than the Antec 1200 case and the Xigmatek HS/F) Also a bit confused on how they work, so if it wasn't too much trouble could you give me a run down.
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