EVGA 8500GT 512 MB. Huge problem.

Recently I put together this new computer and it has been running fine. On more graphic demanding games my computer freezes with pixelated colors all around the screen, kind of like tv static. I thought it may be overheating but I got the evga precision and checked the temperature at times. Idle the GPU is 65C but when in games it can get to 85-90. I heard if it hits 100+ its crucial to shut down or stop.

I just need to know what may be happening or if my card is faulty.

OS:Windows XP
CPU:Intel core 2 duo E 4700 @ 2.60ghz
RAM:2GB 667
MB:ASUS P5NSLI LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 570 SLI Intel Edition ATX Intel Motherboard
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  1. You know there was a big deal about those 8600 based GPUs failing right? Anyway check to make sure that your graphic card is seated properly and try a recent graphic driver. If that doesn't work then you probably have a bad card.
  2. It's 8500gt and it has the most recent driver.
  3. its a 8500gt. Thats your problem right there. That is not a gaming card at all, and wont be able to handle any graphic intensive stuff
  4. What do you recommend? What kind of graphics card?

    And thanks for the info. I am glad somone finally told me this. :)
  5. Try using an older driver then, some official driver between the one you have and the one your card came with. If you still get the same result then it's likely your card.

    If you want to play games though you should get a different video card. A Radeon 4850 would probably be best since your CPU may limit your ability to make use of something faster. If you didn't want to spend that much money though then go with an GeForce 8800GT, just don't get something slower than a Radeon 3850 or GeForce 9600GT
  6. his cpu should be fine, 2.6 will be enough to keep up with the current games.

    As megamanx00 said a radeon 4850 is a great card for the money right now, however if you dont want to spend that much then a 8800gt or 9600 gt will let you play almost any game currently on the market.

    You probably wont be playing most current games on maximum, but they should be able to hold their own, and will greatly outperform the 8500.

    How long ago did you purchase this system? Can you still return the 8500 and put that money towards a new card?
  7. A month ago from new egg I believe. I don't plan on returning it though, as it may come in handy for my brothers comp. He just watches movies and things so I will see what I can do for him. Thanks for all the help.
    +1 to both of you.
    Also, do you think my MB can handle DDR3 cards. If so I would get the 8800gt.
  8. The DDR3 is the memory of the graphics card, not the MB and won't be a problem for what you have.
  9. ^+1

    As long as you have a pci-e slot then it doesn't matter what the memory of the graphics card is, its independent of the mobo.

    Also probably a good call for keeping that card. It will work fine for movies and the such, and if you ever need a spare graphics card to make sure things are work correctly it will be good to have around

    Best of luck to you sir
  10. on the other hand..you could consider buying 1 8800gt now and at a later date upgrading your psu and adding a second 8800gt,should work well,,i think..:)
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