How to OC E6750 to 3.6??

Iam at 3.56 with the following settings.
Any tips on getting to 3.6 an above stable appreciated.
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  1. Lots of auto settings. Like to do it on manual. Especially on FSB Termination voltage.

    To be safe, try lowering the DDR2 speed. Then raise it higher.

    BTW, isn't 2.2V on DRAM a bit too high?
  2. no the RAM is rated at 2.3v!!!
    Its HyperX 1066
  3. FSB Termination at Min enough or what settings will it need with FSB at 450??
  4. ok I have a 6750 and love it, but in my experience mine is not really stable at 3.6 for too long I leave it at 3.4 for sometimes days in a row and it never has problems. First up what mobo do you have? i have a p35 and it works well. max ive got mine at is 3.72
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    Agree with stridervm - too many AUTO settings.

    My first Core2 system was an E6600 in an eVGA 680i motherboard running at 3.6 GHz at 1.45 volts, P95 stable for 24 hour test run. Unless you have a higher than average VID, you both should be stable at 3.6 GHz.

    What kind of cooling do you have?
  6. I had my E6750 rock solid at 3.7GHz with 1.4275Vcore and 3.6GHz with 1.3875Vcore. I went with 3.7GHz even though it was less efficient. There are some stickies in the overclocking section here that have many useful tips on how to overclock. Reading can't hurt...or can it?
  7. I had my E7500 OC to 4.2GHZ stabel after 1 month with no problem u can try to level up the same the MCH coreV with VTT.
  8. The primary two stickies are:

    HOWTO: Overclock C2Q (Quads) and C2D (Duals) - Guide v1.6.1

    You need to know something about thermal management or you can fry your CPU. It's actually kind of difficult to fry a modern CPU, but it is possible.
    Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide

    I have Q9550 and Q6600's running at 3.6 GHz and an E5200 running at 3.78 GHz.. I do not exceed Intel's recommended max voltage and temps. Well, except for the E5200. I pushed vcore to 1.50 volts. No joy. :( I am brickwalled at 3.78 GHz.
    Overclocking since 1978 - Z80 (TRS-80) from 1.77 MHz to 2.01 MHz
  9. So the FSB term voltage is the key to reaching 3.6 stable?
    iam using an AC F7 pro cooler an temps are in the early 60s.
  10. That is a crazy high voltage and even worse than my e6400 at that speeds even though I had to set it 1.5v under bios just to do 3.8ghz while at 3.4ghz it only needs 1.4v
  11. i tried FSB term at 1.3v while keeping th rest as above an at 3.6 BSOD.
    should I try for FSB voltas or CPU volts or CPU Pll volts???
  12. scurvy said:
    i tried FSB term at 1.3v while keeping th rest as above an at 3.6 BSOD.
    should I try for FSB voltas or CPU volts or CPU Pll volts???

    If the guides aren't doing you much good then look for a good 45nm cpu that isn't going to hold you back and that is what I am doing now.
  13. guides dont ansns about the various settings
  14. It takes a lot of guess work now days even more than in the golden age to get them just right when overclocking. I had to really tweak my ram timings to triple 4 by 12 with 15 bank cycle timing just to get the rig to run sli with out the crappy lag.
  15. scurvy said:
    guides dont ansns about the various settings

    No. Guides are guides not cookbooks. YMMV.
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