p5n32sli premium

Hi There, i built this computer and am trying out the best memory i can find ,have you any suggestions please?

i bought OCZ 4gb (4x1G) PC2-6400 Platinum Dual Channel (OCZ2P800r22GK) ,wont start up with 4 gb,
tried with 2 gb ran for an hour the frooze,
any help with the correct setting please.

windows vista premium 32bit


INTEL Conroe E6700 2.67GHz FSB1066MHz 4MB LGA775 Dual-Core

OCZ GameXStream Power Supply (SLI Ready) 700W (OCZ700GXSSLI)

thanks dec
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  1. Your MOBO:

    run memtest with your memory. with 2g, another 2g, if there is alwais error. try with 1g at the time to see if there is 1-2-3 deffective Ram stick.

    It can still be the board ! i had a deffective P5N32-E SLI PLUS board in the past. i RMA it and the enw one is fine, currently running 4g (2x2g) @ 800 4-4-4-12 1T 1.9v G-skill Pi-Black.
  2. With 4G of memory you should be using Vista 64 bit, in fact even if your not you should be.
  3. I had the same board, with the same memory, with the same problem---When i contacted Asus, they told me that it was a documented issue and if i wanted to run with 4 sticks of RAM, i should have bought from the approved memory list. Since i did not, the only solution they could offer me was to set the memory manually (every setting) in the BIOS. To do this, stick in 1 or 2 sticks of ram and boot, then set the memorry (dont forget the voltage). Power off, add the addt ional ram and ty your luck.

    I personally got frustrated (no combinations of settings would work), so i sold the boardto someone else.
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