ASUS GF GTX 260 TOP on ASUS Striker II Extreeme mobo

Hello everybody!
This is my first post on this forum :-)

I've just bought my "dream PC" and I have a problem.

I'm a programmer, I work on PCs for about 21 years now so I know this and that about them.

But I haven't bought any new PC for about 8 years ( I've salvaged parts from my friends and put it together ;-) ).

CoreQuad Q9450 @ 2,66GHz
ASUS Striker II Extreme
4GB OCZ ReaperX DDR3
700W CoolerMaster Real Power
Creative X-Fi Titanium Pro

chipset nForce 67.74
video: 177.41

OS: WinXP Pro SP2

The graphics sometimes just stop my PC - i've got a static picture on my screen and looped sound (about 1sec of sound), sometimes it recover from this but artifacts stays. Sometimes it's "just" artifacts before shutting down or artifacts that stays when the card recovers.
I thought it was a problem with IRQ - there's X-Fi and Graphics on IRQ16 (with some other stuff), so I've put them in other PCI-E slots. But that didn't help.
I've tried to downclock MoBo and Graphics but that doesn't help too.

I can try to get my X-Fi from Mobo and test graphics but maybe there's another solution to my problem.

Is there any program that i can try to tell what is wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. Hi,

    I have:
    Striker II Extr Mobo
    ASUS GF GTX 260 896MB DDR3/448b T/D PCI-E TOP
    and core 2 duo 8.16 Ghz

    graphic 178.24
    and the newest nforce drivers 9.64
    bios 1104

    I confirm such problem but I do not have any advice appart from lowering settings of graphic card to _performance_.

    My personal impression is that it is matter of temperature,
    when hangs or crashes temperature is high - after the restart it was always around 60C whilst right before crash it was 54-55C.

    I will try today if downclocking of GPU will help....

    Another thing is that it is quite nicely reproducible in Call of Duty 2, 5 and a few other (popular) games. I am curious why asus/nvidia did not fix this PR yet, mybe nobody has requested such problem. Mybe it is convergence of bugs in graphic and mobo.

  2. Hello,

    After searching the web, I have found lots and lots of threads about this. I personally believe now its the motherboard.

    I have gone through 2x graphics cards and 2x different sets of memory and I have the same problem with both configurations.

    My spec:

    Asus Striker II Extreme nForce 790i Ultra SLi (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR3 Motherboard
    Intel Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme Edition QX9650 "LGA775 Yorkfield" 3.00GHz (1333FSB)
    Zalman CNPS9700-NT nVidia Tritium CPU Cooler (Socket 754/939/940/AM2/LGA775)
    Coolermaster Stacker 830 Evolution Nvidia Special Edition Case - Black (No PSU)
    Coolermaster Real Power 1000w Modular Power Supply
    Corsair 4GB DDR3 DHX 1600C7DHX Twin3X (2x2GB) (TWIN3X4096-1600C7DHX)
    Western Digital Raptor 150GB 10000RPM SATA 16MB Cache - OEM (WD1500ADFD)

    I first brought a BFG GeForce 9800 GX2 1024MB GDDR3 TV-Out/Dual DVI/HDMI (PCI-Express) and Windows XP Pro (32bit) kept falling over and BSOD. I replaced the memory with another 2gig of the same type tested the memory and all 4 sticks of ram were fine, both 2x 2GB and 2x 4GB. So I ruled out the memory.

    I replaced the graphics card with: BFG GeForce 9800 GX2 1024MB GDDR3 TV-Out/Dual DVI/HDMI (PCI-Express) and all weekend I have had the same problem if not worse.

    I stripped the system down to basic's even taking off the HD Audio card and disconnecting the DVD Drive.
    I still get the same problem, either looping sound perma Freeze then followed by a reboot.

    Everyone says what a good motherboard this is, however its my next job to replace it with a different board, i dont think this board was made for high end. Just for clocking lowend systems from my experience.

    Problem I had was playing World of Warcraft, but it happens during anything that pushes the system past the desktop applications. (even crashed loading photoshop).

    If you get any resolution on this please post back, as for monday; the motherboard is going back.
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