Normal Amount of HDD Seek Errors???

I ran spinrite on a 60GB Fujitsu 2.5" drive. My results are as follows:

I'm pretty sure I'm ok with the ECC Corrections, but I'm not sure if I'm within a normal boundary of seek errors....if there even is one. This is a laptop I am checking out for my father with which he is reporting slow boot up performance and occasional freezing. It's an older Dell Inspiron, but I know the tech guy that issued the laptop to him did just perform a clean OS install.

These seek errors are worrying me and I'm wondering if this drive is slowly biting the dust.
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  1. the drive passed Fujitsu's testing utility, finishing the extended test in 40 minutes. Depending on the quality/accuracy of their utility, does this mean these scan errors are normal?
  2. It's a little hard to say since I don't know how heavily the drive had been used, but that seems like a high rate of seek errors me. None of my drives, all of which have been in service for at least a few thousand hours, have ANY seek errors.
  3. I am running into similar results with a 2.5" laptop HD in a Lenovo T61. My current test is at 3% and I alreay have 733,000 ECC and 28,000 seek errors. Mine may also be a Fujitsu drive. I'll check once it is done running.

    I run spinrite on a lot of lenovo laptops and see this same thing a lot. High ecc and seek errors but still pass manufacturer diagnostics. If I run spinrite immediately after it finishes the errors do not seem to decrease.

    The burning question is? Is this a harbinger of failure? (haven't seen it) and does this condition affect performance?
  4. Make sure the HDD is properly mounted. If it isn't mounted by screws, or is allowed to vibrate/resonate, then you will have bad seek performance and this will affect the SMART values as well.

    I must add that my own pack of HDDs also report seek errors; though none of them show any sign of weakness such as reallocated sector count or pending sectors.
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