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Hi all,can someone please help with this problem.Have bought new ASUS 9800 GT and cant load any drivers for it.When i do manage to get them on,computer crashes within 10 minutes.
Works fine with standard VGA driver.Can up the resolution and movies work fine.Running vista 32 bit,but also tried XP and had same problem.
New 600 watt power supply,Giga p45 ds3 m/b.E 8400 ,4 gig ram.Thought video card faulty ,they gave me new one same problem.
Will soon get an ATI 4850 if i cant get this working soon.
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  1. Did you download the driver or using the one off the driver cd? If its downloaded it might have been a corrupted download and try d/l it again or just use th cd. Otherwise I wonder if it could possibly be the motherboard. Try using a different card altogether, maybe an old one and see if that changes.
  2. What make and model is your 'new' PSU?, they are not all created equal you know.
  3. Dont use the drivers that came with the card. Download the newest ones from the NVIDIA website.

    Also, whats your power supply? Its possible you don't have enough power.
  4. That power supply should be enough unless it a crappy one and/or it doesn't have enough AMPs on the 12v Rail. Try a graphic different driver, and also update your motherboard drivers. Make sure to properly uninstall the old ones first.
  5. Its a brand new coolermaster power supply.Very heavy.Ive downloaded 3 different drivers.From asus website aswell as nvidia.
    i will try to update m/b drivers today to see if that helps.
  6. I'm having exact same problem.

    Gigabit EP45-DS3P Motherboard & ASUS 9800GT Video Card.

    System boots up ok and displays ok on the Monitor. As soon as I load the Drivers from the accompanying CD, the System reboots (as expected), but cannot display anything on the monitor. I have to reboot and start up in safe mode and then go back to previous Windows Driver.

    All hardware is brand spanking new. I'm using the PCI-e x 16 Slot. Sounds pretty much the same as your problem.
  7. After much stuffing around with various drivers and updates (and the addition of a new Power Supply - was 430W now case the original was too whimpy), still the same problem. Device Manager only shows VGA Card, not the specific 9800GT Card.

    So the only other thing I could think of was to move the Video Card to another slot. Moved from the PCI-e x 16 to the PCI-e x8/x4 and now working beautifully....and recognised properly in Device Manager.

    Maybe it's worth you trying a relocation too.
  8. Flashed the mother board bios as well as loaded latest m/b drivers and is now working perfectly.
    After 1 week of fooling around,i cant beleive it was that simple.
    Its a pretty new board,who would have thought 9800 gt would have not been recognized by it.
    Try it and let me know how you go.
    Flashed the bios over the was very simple.
  9. I have the exact same as black 6 had, so I tried putting it in the 8x pcie slot instead of the 16x as black 6 suggested, and it worked nicely... except for the fact that the performance is halved (or at least lowered a considerable amount).
    so i'm going to try aias10's solution.
  10. hmmm, I guess i don't know what I'm talking about; apparently pcie 8x and 16x are very similar in performance...

    i'll still try flashing my motherboard though
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