Dell vostro 410 psu compatibility

Hi, im new to this forum and was referred to this site by a good friend who I approached for advice, although knowledgable when dealing with computers he was unable to provide me with sound advice and so here I am.

Ill start by stating my system specs...
dell vostro 410
intel q9300 quad core 2.5 ghz
3 gig 800 mhz ram
1333 mhz fsb
500 gig h/d 7200rpm
dvd rw
radeon hd3650 256 mb
liteon ps-6351-2 350w

I found a dell site that lists the different rigs available

I would like add an additional hard drive probably 500 gig 7200 rpm same as my other one, a tv tuner card and a blue ray drive after I find out if I can upgrade my power supply

currently I am running it on a 40 inch lcd a bit overkill yes but I like it and have noticed that the maximum resolution is 1360 x 768 not sure if this is to do with the screen or video card but either way I would like to upgrade due to my new found hobby of playing FPS's thanks to my friend who referred me here :)

I have done alot of research on upgrading dell's and have found alot of conlicting information about proprietory equipment and what not. At first I thought I would have to buy a Silencer 500 Dell or a Dell Power Supply Converter and then I found this site,25642,24180302-5014129,00.html
which stated...
the inside of the case sports a standard ATX form factor. There's no upside-down motherboard, topsy-turvy drive bays with clippie things or anything else proprietary. That means if it ever breaks down and it's out of warranty, you can easily work on it with a screwdriver, and without having to get back in touch with Dell to procure parts.

So after all that information i'll get into what I was thinking about doing. I was thinking that the computer itself is decent enough with the video card being the limiting factor and by upgrading the video card you need to upgrade the psu, hence my problem I would like a decent video card that will last me at least a year maybe 2 without going berserk on the latest technology and found the gtx260 to be appealing, which leads me to my next issue.
on the web sites stated above it says the mobo has pcie x16 and nothing about pcie 2.0
reading into this further I found information that pcie 2.0 cards are backwards compatible with pcie 1.1 not sure quite what this means but still was wondering if this could be an issue.

so i'll try to sum up, can my system run a gtx260 or is there a better card suited to my maching? and what psu can I upgrade to? do I need an adapter or dell specific psu?

Thank you to anyone who took the time to read my post, I look forward to any advice and apoligise for all spelling and grama mistakes as well as any forum issues as I am new to posting in forums
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  1. Older Dells used some proprietary parts, newer Dells (like yours) use industry standard parts. You'll be able to upgrade your power supply with no problem. If i were buying a graphic card to use at your resolution (1360x768) i'd probably get a HD4850. For top performance i'd go with a HD4870 (which out performs the GTX260) Both will run fine with your PCIe x16 1.1 socket. Any quality 500w or 550w power supply would work with the new graphic card, blu ray drive and extra hard drive. (newegg links)

    a cautionary note, some of the new cards are BIG! measure and make sure they'll fit before buying. Dells have pretty poor cooling, download hardware monitor and keep an eye on your temperatures. A card that exhausts hot air out the back of your case is your best choice.
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