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i have 2 differant voltages of corsair xms2 ram that i am trying to get to work together. one is 1.9v and the other is 2.1. if i manualy set the voltage to 1.9 will it underclock the 2.1 sticks? if i set the voltage to 2.1 will it damage the 1.9 memory? i would be greatful for any advice on this.
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  1. 1. Setting the voltage to 1.9 will not underclock the memory, just undervolt it,(unless your mobo bios supports this, which I have never heard of) which will most likely lead to instability or failure to even boot. you would have to set the memory speed manually.

    2. The 1.9v sticks should be able to handle 2.1 volts. Look on the corsair website to find the max voltage.

    3. You can try to run at 1.9v or 2.0v with lower clock and/or relaxed timings, which you would have to set manually in the bios.
  2. Relaxed Timing : if you have 4-4-4-12, relaxed will be 5-5-5-15 or even more. Normally in your bios youll see AUTO as timing. just manual it.

    For the clock, you have ddr2 800mhz you can raise or lower this clock in Bios, this also can be on AUTO mode, just manual it.

    Lowering V will result in instability. youll have to Lower clock or add timing. BUT raising the V help stability (at cost of heat and can damage Ram if to high). By raising V you can use more aggressive timing (4-4-4-12 or lower) and/or Higher clock.
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