Successful i7 920 overclock to 3.2 GHz! Just a quick question

Here are my settings:

BCLCK: 160 x 20,
Uncore voltage 1.25V,
IOH Voltage Override: 1.150
RAM voltage: 1.62 OCZ Platinum triple channel DDR3 7-7-7-24, 1600 MHz (memory multiplier set to 10)
Turbo Boost: ON
All cores on
Hyper-threading: on

I followed all the rules I've picked up by reading the guides and whatnot, just wanted to run these settings by you all to make sure I'm not over-doing the voltage in the IOH area....'cause I'm not really sure what that is.

I know that RAM voltage can't go past 1.65 and that uncore should be within .5 V of RAM voltage. My idle temps are 31, 27, 34, 27 with my V8 fan up to maximum.

Is this a good overclock? I'm running Prime95 blend test right now.

If so, I think I'd like to make a short guide for overclocking the i7 920 on the Intel DX58SO because allllll the guides I read were for ASUS boards and some other boards. I guess this means those are the overclockers' board of choice, but it'd be nice to have a resource for those of us with DX58SOs.


Intel DX58SO
Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.2 GHz
-w/Cooler Master V8
OCZ Platinum 6 GB at 1600 MHz
WD Caviar Black 640 GB
Cooler Master Storm Sniper Mid-tower
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  1. Cancel the party. I failed Prime95 after less than a minute. What setting should I change?

    EDIT: Okay, i moved the RAM multiplier back to 8 for a RAM speed of 1280 MHz and Prime95 hasn't quit yet. I'm guessing that was the problem. Of course, it's only been going for a half hour, but with the multiplier set at 10, it quit in less than a minute, so I'm guessing it's my RAM settings.

    What is the logical step to take from here? Would it be to raise my uncore? I want my RAM to operate at the 1600 MHz spec'd by the manufacturer. Do I need to raise the RAM voltage to 1.66? There's no 1.65 option on my motherboard and 1.65 is the maximum safe voltage, right? Oh lawd :O
  2. why such a moderate OC? I've got several friends who easily hit 4ghz with the V8.
  3. I don't know. I just wanted to reach i7-965 speed and run my RAM at the manufacturer spec. I guess I'm just not that ambitious, lol.

    Do you think increasing the RAM voltage to 1.66 is the right thing to do? Is .01 volts past the recommended too much or is it no problem?
  4. Personally, I have 0 experience with the i7, That said, I have a screenshot showing my friends voltages @ 4.02ghz. Unfortunately the names of the voltages are covered....It looks however like his memory is @ 1.68
  5. Yeah, that looks like an M that's being cut off. Probably DRAM. Thanks for the input!
  6. i sent him a text to see if he was awake, I was going to ask him what his settings were. But he has not replied so I will assume he's asleep. If your interested i can post them tomorrow. but I'm sure someone else may post by then.
  7. Any more input? I'm hearing that 1.7 volts will kill the memory controller in a matter of weeks. Should I go to 1.66? Does anyone have any extended experience with 1.66 DRAM voltage?
  8. Go for 1.65 for a safer cpu
  9. :/ 1.62 and 1.66 are the closest available on my motherboard.
  10. here are his voltages

    BCLCK: 191x 21,
    RAM voltage: 1.625 Corsair Dominator DDR3-1600 MHz (memory multiplier set to 8=1524mhz)

    QPI Link @ 16x

    His voltage settings in bios

    And just for good measure
  11. Hi! I tried these settings and they worked great. Could you post a similar picture with all the memory clocking information too?
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