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I bought a cooler master aquagate max two days ago and installed it to my pc perfectly and kept it running for two days now. My question is, my water flow indicator seems to be spinning slow (but not that slow) and it's spinning clockwise, coz i've compared it from the the videos i've seen from youtube and their water flow indicator spins counter-clockwise and much faster than mine. Is it just normal or is something wrong with my aquagate max? My temps has performed well though, -10c from my previous V10. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Problem Solved! =)
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  1. hai im also buy the aquagate max i have the same like u. for me its fine coz the realy matter is your temp of cpu dont boder with spining clockwise or counter clock wise.if u want to make same as like video just change the cillicon tube onather direction sometimes this people placing in the wrong way.but the point is the temp is matter.
  2. hi, i don't really understand what you said but as said on my first post, the problem is solved. You just need to turn it sidewards and on the computer for a bit, so the bubbles from the water flow indicator will be eliminated and keep the indicator running smooth.
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