Boots only if CMOS is cleared

Not sure if this is the right section for this. This is my problem:
My computer will start (everything runs) but there is the message "No Signal" on my monitor and it remains black. Once i reset the jumper for the CMOS, it will boot up and go into windows xp. After that, it runs flawlessly until it is shut down. The temperatures of the CPU r well under the maximum "30-40 range" during idle and gaming. Help would be appreciated since this is a brand new system i built myself and has been up for about a week.
Here is my rig:
MB: Biostar TP43B2-A7
CPU: Intel Core2Duo E8400
Graphics Card: PNY Nvidia Geforce 9600GT 512MB Pci-E 2.0
Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar WD 500GB SATA
PSU: Antec Basiq 500W
RAM: Corsair XMS2 2x1GB DDR2
Case: Antec 300
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  1. hi,

    do you have the latest bios revision for your motherboard? It might just need that.
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    I found out the problem; it had bad RAM. After I replaced it, it would start up every time.
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