help me choose new psu cos myone is faulty

if my currnet eliteXStream is faulty which is seems, due to bad voltage flutuations i will need to get a another psu, around £100 and about 800watt from a good company like OCZ, thermaltake, etc I m a bit of a nOOb when it comes to psu as I can't see the point in pay loads of money for one but I won't pay a cheap amount for one ethoir.

I m going crossfire soon as well, so I need one with 4 PCIe connectors with +2 pins would be nice for my next computers
I think i would be safe with a 800watt but no more than 850 or it will be over kill, my budget is from £70-120

my specs are
maxumis 2 formular
OCZ 1066 4gb
2x seagates 250Gb
2x SATA optical drive (LG blue ray RW and LG DVD-RW)
1x HD4870 512 By sapphire going xfire soon with ethoir this card or getting a 1Gb version
q6600 @3.6Ghz
case is thermaltake armor black without watercooling.
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  1. Just for the record, 500W is plenty to power this machine, and enough even for xfire (though I'd want a tad more headroom). You might look at Corsair VX550, HX520, or HX620, VX750, Antec EA500, or EA650. PC Power and Cooling Silencer 500, 610, or 750. There are plenty more, but I don't know British pricing, so I can't go into too much detail.

    Power requirements:
  2. do they have 4 pcie connectors? I know the 750 hx does not too sure about the other two
  3. You don't really need 800W. ATI recommends 650W or greater for HD 4870 Crossfire, and your system doesn't have lots of disks or TV tuners or anything really unusual.
    I'd recommend a high quality 750W PSU just to play it safe. PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W £89.99 Corsair 750TX £84.29
  4. kk 750watt it is, safes the bank a bit one off my things is the 4x pcie and a decent amount of amps like 18-20 amp ethoir way thanks for that... anymore recomendations are welcome =) of comanys
  5. Amg said:
    do they have 4 pcie connectors? I know the 750 hx does not too sure about the other two

    The two I recommended do have 4 PCI-E connectors (the Corsair has 4 that can all serve as 6-pin or as 8-pin; the Silencer has 2 fixed 6-pin connectors and two 6/8-pin connectors). Either can handle two HD 4870 cards because those want two 6-pin connectors each.
  6. Okay thanks ^_^ I have also seen a nice tagan modualar 700watt as well with the right connectors I want for about £100
    heres the linky

    who are "pc cooling and silancing" I ve never heard of them before ethoir way i ll go away and do my home work
  7. You can trust that Silencer. My favorite tech site picked it as their PSU of the year in 2007. I bought one myself and it works nicely. The company is "PC Power & Cooling" and is a very respected name in the PSU business.

    Tagan is a pretty good manufacturer too.

    Check out this list.
    I found it accurate enough so far. It is a bit out of date though.
  8. BTW, the modular PSUs are nice, i.e. you can take the unused cables out. However, you will use a lot of the cables with that setup. You wouldn't benefit that much from a modular PSU.
  9. yeah i sued to have a 700watt thermaltake modualar and I could kick some cables out on that apart from the pcie and SATA but thats the reason why I kicked it out (not enough PCIes for xfire -.-) and got this single rail OCZ but its fualty or seems to be...... this single rail is a pain in the neck for cables o.o this is why I want my next one to be modualar again and smallier cos there is no need for the flamboyant 800watt + psus
  10. aevm gave you some good advice.

    A quality psu will be able to power all 4 pci-e leads with enough left over for typical components.

    For what it's worth, here is a tiered list of PSU brands. It's a bit dated, but still relevant:

    The people at PC Power& cooling have been very responsive when I have called them with questions. No voicemail or menus, the operator just transfers you directly to the tech who can answer your question.
  11. nice I m leaning tawards the bequite but I have seen silverstone I was wondering if they are any good than I ll go from there :P than get this RMA sorted with OCZ
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