Cant make intel raid array show bootable using cntl i

I'm trying to make a bootable raid 0 array on two 1.5 t seagate drives using the intel storage matrix option raid array says non bootable and win 7 says can't install on array even after driver is loaded?????
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  1. Usually there is a setting in your regular BIOS that you have to set. It gives you the option of setting the array as "bootable" or "storage".
    I am not 100% familiar with your controller, but I would say it would be similar to the AMD chipsets I have used setting up RAID 0.
  2. OK thanks I will look again. Ive went the the manual its an Asus p6t version 2 deluxe mobo. The option for bootable when I create raid array is greyed out and not able to change it. I was wandering if anybody else has this problem on p6t with 2 seagate 1.5 tb drives?
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