Flash Quadro to 8800 GT???

i am trying to flash a FX 3700 to an 8800 GT. Is this possible?
Iv'e got NiBitor and i am used to flashing GPUs with NVFlash.
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  1. Considering thats an $800 card, wouldnt it be easier and smarter to sell it and just buy an 8800GT, netting like....600% profit?


    Only 3 up here total, 1 with an actual bidding and its already at $436 with over 5 days left. You could sell this thing for half retail value and still make a killer profit from doing nothing.
  2. Noooo, this is in school computers and they aren't used. They were a gift from HP more or less and i can't sell them.
    The office i work in is stocked with HP xw6600 workstations which have these cards in them. We sometimes play games and never CAD so i wanted to flash one or two so we can actually max out COD4.

    Selling them would make sense if i owned them though.

    in 3dmark06, they get about 9000~. The zeons inside are equivilent to intel e8500s and the CPU score was about 1650 so i don't know what was up with that.
  3. its xeons...
  4. ???
  5. AHh ok, nevermind then. Not sure if you can flash a workstation card to be a regulard desktop card though. Its not just the BIOS that is different.
  6. i believe its the same core, bus, memory, heatsink and fan. What else could be different?
  7. There has to be something different. Why would they sell it at $800 if there wasnt?
  8. Driver support, that's why. Have you tried softmodding it using rivatuner? I remember softmodding my 8800GTS 320 into an FX 4600 with 320MB (Regular FX 4600 has 768MB), but worked anyway. Just remember after softmodding to install the geforce drivers.
  9. how do i soft mod?
  10. Open rivatuner -> Low Level system settings -> NVStrap driver -> PCI deviceID settings > set on custom > set the ID you want it to recognize the card as (8800GT in your case).
  11. then just use the 179.whatever 8800 gt driver and it will install?
  12. Hey, can we flash a 8800gt to fx 3700 and sell it for profit? :na:
  13. you would need to change the color of the heatsink and be the spawn of Satan but, yes, you can.
  14. exactly, use the geforce drivers and they should recognize your card as an 8800GT.
  15. I think this gives me a new idea for a scam.

    Err I mean, a practical business!
  16. customisbetter said:
    i believe its the same core, bus, memory, heatsink and fan. What else could be different?

    I suspect that there is probably some difference in the actual electronic components used. I'd expect that the professional level cards probably have better caps, lower tolerance resistors, etc. Probably nothing to prevent you from softmodding it though.
  17. Heh, I guess it should be fairly easy to pull off if you can fight the right coolers, the card is physically the same as far as I know. Just remember that even though you'll be running with Geforce drivers and the card will be identified as a geforce, you'll still be running @ Quadro clock speeds, so you will have to OC to reach the 8800GT speed.
  18. well i Oc'd mine to 680/1690/1000 yesterday and at fan speed 55% it was toasty but never artifacted in atitool. Thanks guys!!!
  19. uh, the low level system settings option is missing...
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