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I have a pc with Win XP Pro Installed on a Maxtor Hard Disk, controlled by a SATA Raid Controller Sil3114 by Silicon Image.
When I Connect My WD10EAVS (Western Digital Hard Disk) to my controller and I turn on the Pc No operating system loads and the screen say: Press A Key To Reboot.

OS: Win Xp
MoBo: Asus P4PE
Controller: Sil 3114
HDD: Maxtor ...
HDD2: Western Digital WD10EAVS

Before Today I had linux on this pc and both of the hard disks worked.
Without the WD Disk All works in the right way.
Sorry For my english. :-D
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  1. Check the boot order in your BIOS. Sounds like it is trying to use the WD as a primary boot device when plugged in. Set the boot order to the Maxtor on SATA as primary and you should be good to go.
  2. ASUS' P4PE Motherboad has 2x SATA ports onboard.
    Does the new hard drive work when plugged directly to the motherboard?
    Perhaps you could list the rest of your system specs.
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