Opinions on a new build (ordering today, soon)

These two items have shipped. I received one of the new batch Q6600 GO's (L80xxxx) and RMA'd it I really want something with a Low VID that I can overclock.
Asus P5Q Deluxe
4 GB G.Skill DDR2 1066 Pc2 8500
Samsung SH-203N(already own)

I welcome comments on any of it, but particularly the things below. What began as an upgrade, as always, has turned into a complete system and I'll be ordering within the next 2 hours *crosses fingers*. I used to game like crazy but quit for the last couple of years (since the 7800GTX KO cost me $550.00 :fou: ) I' am getting interested in a few FPS's lately and intend to play again rather soon but don't see myself doing Xfire or SLI (Unless it's a cost effective way for me to go i.e. using my 7800 in some sort of SLI Setup in which case I'd need to RMA Mobo...not gonna happen I think I'm ready for ATI)
My guess is I'll be getting some Video card which is really cheap and yet outperforms my current card by a long shot.

I have two Sata 2 HDD's so new Hard Drives can wait until these new purchases don't really hurt anymore

Coolermaster Hyper Z600
PC Power & Cooling S61EPS 610W PSU
Antec 9000 Case

I'm not 100% on this case I've just had trouble deciding, I'd prefer a case with a reputation for excellent airflow and being very quiet. P182? :??:
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  1. CoolerMaster CM-690 has outstanding airflow and is not too noisy or bling-y to sit in my living room; that's with an additional LED fan I put in the top.
    There's a great deal on that PSU at newegg right now, $80 after MIR.
    Get this Mushkin DDR2-800 RAM: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820146731
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm very drawn to the Cooler master 690 to be sure. I almost got it but it didn't seem to be on sale anymore @ Newegg. Which PSU are you referring to? THe 550W Real Power? I guess that should be enough Wattage I mean 610 isn't much more is it? Thanks for the Advice !
  3. Your an idiot. You dont RMA a CPU because you didn't like the VID. What goes around comes around, I hope you have tons of trouble building. I'm sure you will since your such an idiot.
  4. Quit being a douche, roadrunner. I know it may be hard, but give it a try. What goes around comes around, you know.

    The PSU jtt was referring to was the PC Power & Cooling 610W. And the Antec 300 is known to be a very good case in regards to cooling (you'll probably want to buy 2-3 extra 120mm fans for it).
  5. Well Roadrunner, thank you for sharing :) Amazon has a 30Day refund policy. I never even put my hands on the CPU never broke the seal on the box, Why my returning it would cause anybody trouble is beyond me. I've not created an open box situation, not caused Amazon to lose any real money. THe only person I've negatively affected
    IMHO is ,and apparently you. So if I've caused you any undue stress 1,000 pardons. To be perfectly honest and not sarcastic given your tenor and quality of your piercing insight, your opinion matters very little to me. How does the saying go, if you haven't got anything good(constructive) to say don't say anything...

    Wanker 79 thanks for the information regarding the PSU and the support, I appreciate it.
  6. I hear the DDR2 1066 is usually just DDR2 800 that has been overclocked for you. If you get good memory that is DDR2 800 with good timings, you ought to be able to get the same performance for cheaper (since you'll already be overclocking the CPU as well).

    You can find some kits of DDR2 800 for cheap now.
  7. Thanks yeah I read that but only after I'd already ordered my new memory.
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