Unlocking Sempron 140 with Asrock 790GMH/128

Is there somewhere I can get detailed instructions on how to unlock a Sempron 140? I just bought one with a Asrock 790GMH/128 MB that has the Advanced Clock Calibration you supposedly need, but I am not sure what really has to be changed in the bios.
I tried these adjusments that is
A.C.C : Auto / All core / per core
and I increased cpu voltaj
conseguently : altough bios can see the changes but when the starting windows, computer is reseting.
The chipset in my board is:
North Bridge: AMD 790GX
South Bridge: AMD SB750
Ram : Kingston HyperX 1066 2x1
Bios Version : 1.30
Thanks for any help.
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  1. It's hit or miss.

    Sempron 140 Unlocks to Athlon II X2
    It has been done over and over again, and each time new AMD processors successfully unlock disabled cores (dubbed "defective"), it only makes us wonder if it is a deliberate attempt by the company to make buying its cheaper processors potentially rewarding. It has been discovered that AMD's recently announced Sempron 140 single-core processor can be transformed into a dual-core Athlon II X2 series processor with a simple, well-known trick. This comes as no surprise, as the "Sargas" core the processor is based on, is made by disabling one core on the Regor dual-core die.

    The trick requires a motherboard with AMD SB710 or SB750 southbridge that supports the Advanced Clock Calibration feature. Not all motherboards, however, support this mod. By simply enabling the feature in the BIOS setup program, the system will be able to address both processor cores, with the complete feature-set of Athlon II X2. The staff behind the feat over at Thai techsite VModTech tested for the unlocked core's stability with much success. At 3.71 GHz (13.5 x 275 MHz @ 1.536 V), the processor stood SuperPi, WPrime, and WinRAR bandwidth tests. Validation can be found here. At around $40, here's the cheapest ticket to a dual-core processor that looks $80 Intel processors in the eye.
  2. you right but I need bios settings.
  3. I unlocked a Sempron 140 with a Gigabyte motherboard. A couple notes though, it was identified as a dual core in Bios and ran like a top on 2 different Linux distros (Puppy and Ubuntu).

    However, I installed Windows 7 (32bit) and it would make it through BIOS but not boot. I tried a number of BIOS changes, but it wouldn't work until I backed it down to a single core. Forum users have suggested that if I tried Windows 7 (64bit) it would run fine, but I don't have that ability right now.

    It is still a pretty fast single core processor, especially with fast ram.
  4. Have you tried disabling cool'n'quiet when you have ACC enabled? I have heard that this can make a difference when unlocking cores.
  5. I may be looking to do this myself :) i will reaserch
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