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Hi i would like to set up two 1TB HDD's in RAID0 but i am unsure as to which HDD's to purchase, i have three options;
Western Digital caviar green/1TB/64MB cache 99euro each
Samsung F3/1TB/32MB cache 74euro each
Seagate 7200.12/1TB/32MB cache 76euro each

I don't really want the western digital as it is more expensive but it does have double the cache, does this make a big difference?
So i guess that it falls between the samsung and the seagate, since prices are pretty much the same I would like to buy the most ''RAID0 friendly'' of the two...
they will be used for the OS and games...
Which set up would you choose?
thanks in advance to anyone that reads this or contributes,
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  1. The double cache size will make very little difference, especially in a RAID0 array.
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