GTX 260 fast should it be able to go?

Hi guys, i have a Zotac 260 GTX and have just installed a new VGA cooler. Akasa VGA Freedom Force

Ive been running the Crysis benchmark test and have managed to over clock the GPU to about 630Mhz while still been stable.

I have heard that some people are running GTX's at like 650-700!! Do you think these people are lying or do i need something better than the VGA cooler ive just bought.

I did think the VGA cooler was quite good as it was the most expensive one on but evidently it cant be as good as i first thought... ??

Any feedback about the VGA cooler or your own GTX 260 overclocks would be appreciated!

Thanks guys. Matt
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  1. I'm sorry to say I think you might have a low overclocker on your hands. My 260GTX runs 650/1500/1100 on the stock cooler all the time. But really if you find anything you can't do at stock within reason you must have a 30 incher. I run 1080 screen and all is good maybe not max in crysis and such but who can do that anyway.

  2. Yeah thanks for that, the card runs pretty much everything at 60FPS + on maximum settings on my 1680 x 1050... i just wanted to raise my minimum frame rates on Crysis from 15 up to 20 through a nice overclock but doesnt look like its going to happen... what do you think of my VGA cooler :) theres now individual heatsinks on all the memory chips and RAMDAC...

    i am struggling to do the full thing properly because i cannot find where to get a GPU temp reading on Rivatuner...ive heard GPU-z is quite good for that? is the GPU temperature the only thing that will be causing texture blips and hangs when i am overclocking?

    Thanks again :)
  3. I now use EVGA Precision to overclock so much easier grab it from or wherever you get stuff shows the temp over time cool to be able to go back and look at max temps just get it it's nice :) Blips are not just caused by temp also can be not enough volts slash speed to high if you just set the core at 1000 it would crash before it got to hot so not always temp. I would not worry to much go to 610/1450/1050 or so and just have fun. Really you are over powered for 1680x1050 (Except Crisis as you know) :lol: I can tell you are trying to run maxxed out crysis if that res is still having issues. Well good luck hope you get it running like you want it to.

  4. Thanks again, so can i use EVGA precision even with my non EVGA card? Ill give it a try....

    running crysis on high i get like 60 FPS+ to be honest which im happy with, its just the very high and 4x aa that im working towards....quite far away at the mo but not when i get my second gtx 260 and sli it...need better power supply etc for that though so...its still 300$ away!

    thanks again!
  5. my gtx 260 from evga, which is 65nm with stock cooling hits 685 core clock, 1080 memory clock. Its REALLY loud though.
  6. cool, ive been using ATi tool and ive found that i can now get a stable CORE @ 725.
    SHADERS: 1450 but the memory is the weak can only run stable at like 1050 as opposed to the 1000 stock speed.

    Ive read somewhere that there are quite a few cards out there that OC bad in the memory department. To be honest im happy with my 725 core, it did come at 576.. which i think is a huge OC nearly 20% !!! , and im still running between 55-60oC depending on room temp.

    Ive seen quite a big improvement in Crysis and GRID, on very high crysis settings ive been able to run at 4xAA and never drop below 30FPS and with highs up to 100FPS in enclosed areas..

  7. do you have ram chips on there aswell, that might help you oc
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