Gateway Laptop Video card?

hey guys, just wondering if there are any good laptop video cards out there for cheap. i tried searching here and on bestbuy, but came up with nothing. Will any graphics card work or do i need one specifically for my laptop? any ideas are much appreciated. Thanks
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    that one seems like its small enough to fit.....will it work?
  2. r u guys serious?!? short answer: ur gonna need a new laptop..
  3. laptops video cards cant be changed?
  4. only certain brands of laptops can be and then finding a compatible card is difficult and expensive. ur dells, hp's, and gateways can't be changed. what laptop do you have?

    edit: i'm sorry i see now you have a gateway. sorry but ur outta luck, time to start saving some money :)
  5. ehh, crap. well thanks for the advice anyway man.
  6. actually.. I have a Gateway M-6862... and the Gateway support website says that it has this as the video specs...ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 2600 XT PCI Express Graphics
    that would mean you can upgrade it because it's not integrated, however, it's proven to be almost impossible to find any sort of card i can put in it. Go here..
    and search for your laptop and see what it says for your laptop.
  7. i have a gateway latop too a Gateway MT6707 Notebook, can i install a new graphics card?
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