H50 e5200 overclocking

How well do you think I could overclock my e5200 using the H50. Right now I have it at 3.5GHz using an Aftermarket Heatsink but I am wanting to clock it Higher so it can keep up with newer CPU's.

Any suggestions?

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  1. your probably at the limit of your cooling
  2. So what speeds should I be able to hit?
  3. the h50 aint better then a high end air cooler really
  4. What heatsink are you using right now? If it's a low-end air, then the H50 would help. If it's something pretty decent, then I would just keep it. You should be able to hit higher than 3.5 GHz with that e5200, though. The H50 also has the benefit of reducing the number of fans in your case by one, since its fan replaces the rear exhaust (just something to keep in mind).
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