XP Media Ctr, Dell E515 desktop, Trojan.Dropper.PGen - reinstall OS??

This computer had several infections. Having removed them using Malwarebytes, it's still acting strange. It won't allow Windows updates, when I click on Internet Explorer the browser comes up, but when I type a website in the address bar (such as, or I get error message "Object now found". Also had trouble getting it into safe mode, when I did succeed it would not run security scans with malwarebytes. I also chose "last known good" when rebooting and it did not make any difference. Seems to be too many things wrong, possible OS reinstall in in order. But it's a Dell and I do not have a restore cd. I have no idea where to go from here. Help!
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  1. did you try updating MWB before scanning? or can you get internet?
    you can actually do a repair install, check this (tom's) xp forum, sixth post from the top, for the directions. this keeps your personal files intact while restoring the operating system.
    but you do need an XP disk, borrowed or otherwise...or find a windows 7 deal.
    The best place to go is: backup your personal files to a USB drive or DVD...while you still can!
    Then try some repairs as above...
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    Download the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool 3.15 on another computer and put it on a flash drive. Install it in the affected computer and run it.

    Get it directly from Microsoft
  3. Thanks for your reply. Yes I did update Malwarebytes before scanning. I uninstalled some other redundant security that was on the pc and now I can access the internet. I was able to install Microsoft updates (IE8, and SP3) however it is still showing updates are needed. I was able to install Avast and run a scan, and also Spybot S&D. I have already backed up personal data to a USB. The pc is running much better but still behaving a little strange. Still give occasional error when going to a website typed in the browser. Also, a folder always opens up when Windows is started: Program Files/Dell Can't figure out why or how to get it to go away.

    I will look at the section about repairing OS as a possibility, although i am not hopeful about this. I do have an XP cd if needed (remember this is a Dell and not sure if this would work on a Dell, plus the OS is XP Media Ctr - will XP work for this?). There is a DSR (Dell System Restore) partion which I can access by pressing <Ctrl> and <F11> simultaneously at the Dell splash screen. But being 5 yrs old I am not confident the restore partition is intact.

    Will read up on repairing OS and work on that in the morning. Thanks again for your response.
  4. Tigsounds, Good idea, I will check and see if that was one of the updates Microsoft installed. Tomorrow. Need to get away from it for awhile. Thanks for your reply.
  5. A "Repair" will remove all updates, roll-back DirectX, remove Net.Framework and more... heads up.
  6. Update: I accessed DSR (Dell's System Restore) partition using <Ctrl> + < F11> at splash screen. Was worried about the partition being corrupted so check it out 1st before restoring. I used DSRfix, a program from to test the integrity of the partition.

    At this time I have successfully restored the system to it's factory condition and am updating Windows now. Thank you both for your replies.
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